ASR: B10: The Message That Confirms It All

“Just because you attached yourself to a truth, doesn’t mean you understand it. There’s a difference in understanding an idea and experiencing.”

Being born in a third world country and spending a few years there, I guess I can say I am born into an environment of strong traditions and supernatural believes. Religion is a big part of life for most cultures. Because it is something pass down the generations as a mean to teach the path through life; and a guide to your destination beyond it. Religion is where we can place our unconditional love, hope, and dreams for a better world than the one we are struggling in.

Surrounded by believers growing up, I am often drawn into religious activities by mere association with others. I find I have no curiosity about religious places nor attracted to religious activities in any form other than to network with people. It is purely something to do; because everyone is doing it and I am tagging along. There is no deep meaning nor purpose for me to seek religion after my one encounter in my early teens.


Growing up, I often look in the direction where everyone looks and tells me they see “God”, but I see no one. Where I see someone, others see no one. Where they hear voices, I heard silent, and where I hear voices no one can hear it. Thus, it is very difficult for me to associate and connect with people. I have an inquisitive mind. Thus, any chance to learn something new, is an opportunity for knowledge that I enthusiastically embrace.

To me life is a collection of not just all you have done, but also all you have learned. So, any opportunity to learn or do something different is appreciated sincerely with open-joy. Therefore, I am a little baffled a few years ago while writing this book. When I came to the realization that for some reason, I am unable to absorb a lot of “significant” details of religious or spiritual teaching since I was a child.


I have an exceptionally good, detailed memory, and when it comes to knowledge, I absorb it enthusiastically and pay close attention to details. Though, I have gone to churches, temples, Mosques, Gurdwaras and even bible studies — as a mean to learn more English and be involved. But, for some strange reason I cannot remember the basic of basic the story of origins. What angels are (light?), who Buddha is or why he came to be Buddha.

I was a little bewildered when I came to this realization and started remembering that yes; over the years I have been extensively exposed repeatedly to those subjects before. But for some reason it was all a blur to me. Like a veil was thrown over me and the information was filtered out until the moment I realize who I am — not. This astonishing and surreal piece of puzzle should not be so stunning to discover, but it is.

It is because of the main messages that I am to clarify and share. It is also the reasons for this record to even be written. Written by someone who does not have a talent with words, who does not want to write it. Someone who initially does not want anything to do with the path she knows she is meant to take. Because of all the fear that arises by the traditional teaching of old templates.


Side Note: Thank you to all those who have been with me throughout the first half of this record. That half is the “Getting to know” the human half of how I came to discover who I am. A word of warning. This second half, unlike the first will, clarify higher truths and address controversial topics that will offends those who choose to remind un-awakened. I am here to break old templates of both religions and spirituality and the Gods we think we know. I am here to clarify all the symbols on the roadmap that got us lost. So be warned, I will not sugar coat the messages and things I am here to clarify. I understand if those topics are something you are not ready to dive into. I know how deep those topics are engraved and interweave into our lives. Hence, I humbly respect and thank you for joining me up till now. Wishing you the best on your journey.



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Andalasia Anon

I overheard that I was **destined** to be “Spiritual”. But no anyone ever tells me I can **BE** “Spiritual” coming into life.