ASR: B13: Chapter 2: A God Without Experiences — Cannot Understand…

Andalasia Anon
11 min readMar 13, 2022


For thousands of years, we believe our “Gods” are beyond us. We are taught the way to reach them is through notfeeling”. Through the embrace of stolidity. That they themselves are stoic and impassive entities. We are also taught we are made in their image and can one day achieve a position of being their divine disciples. We are taught many, many practices and many depictions of who they are — So, we can mimic the path they took in hope to join them someday. But as our nature would have it, we like to take short cuts, so we embrace only what is easy and convenience. While ignoring the harder to achieve components that really is the true lessons, tests, and trials of our journey.

In the masculine era, because there is so much to do to physically built upon this new realm to support our existence. Hence, physical strength is much valued. We amplify the physical power and are taught to ignore, suppress, and avoid our feelings. Because our feelings are intangible. It is powerful, but complex and hard to understand and grasp.

Feelings needs time to unsort, to explore, to develop, to absorb, to understand, and to define. In a brand-new realm, where physical survival is top priority. Something we cannot physically grasp in our hands to hold and study. To understand better in trying times, such as emotions. Only adds to the chaos of beginnings. Therefore, we choose to set it aside.

In a time where we are trying to survive the overwhelming threats to our physical presences. There is enough work building physical defends and stabilities. So, we set our emotions and thus, our feminine counter part aside. But now that we are physically stable, we need to re-evaluate what we are taught about it. What once work has now been exhausted. Thus, we need to go back to the fundamental basic truths. Beyond the tools we have created. Beyond the perspectives and believe we choose to temporary embrace. To wholly accept, what once is.

We need to go back to welcome and acknowledge what we were not able to face before. We need to face its truth now and accept it now. Because it is just as important to us as its counter part. Thus, it cannot be suppressed and avoided any longer. Therefore, higher fundamentals that was once “modified” for conveniences and taught to us — need to be untaught.

Two of such is the oldest and biggest concepts and influencers of our lives: spirituality and religion. All aspect of those practices and beliefs needs to be re-evaluated. Let us start with a few questions I have been asking myself for a long time now. Questions that people tell me not to speak off. Questions that people taught me is “disrespectful” and to even think it — is ground for higher punishment. Yet, the answers to those questions are the ones that the higher power refuses me to let me hide from. Refuses to let me bypass or avoid. Answers that source forcefully “beat” into me when I tried to ignore what I have always known to be higher truths.


We are taught to believe we are made in the image of the Gods. If we are made in the image of our “Gods”, then what makes most of us think the Gods does not have emotions or feelings? Compassion and love are emotions. They are energies like all our other emotions. If they have “positive” ones. What makes us think they do not have “negative” ones?

Just because we cannot understand, tame, harmonize, accept, and control ours. Does not mean the “Gods” — being more refined. Cannot accept, understands, and choose to bypass theirs. Love is a feeling. It is hard to truly teach and be an example of it. Hard to show it to someone and have them feel it — If we do not genuinely know how it feel ourselves. Just as true wisdom is something we have to experience intimately to understand — not just repeat because we have the ability to speak.

We can say it. But it does not mean we understand it. Now a day, almost anyone can read and repeat almost anything — anyone has said or wrote. Can memorize or read aloud phrases from the books of wisdoms. But that does not mean they have any idea what the true teaching behind it means. They can sound confident and self-assured of what they read. Sound convincing in their believes that they understand what they are repeating.

But that does not mean they have any idea what the concept behind it are. Hence, why “spiritual” practices have become like the marketed holidays decorations. They keep with traditions, and they get prettier and prettier. Even as the spirits and meanings behind why we celebrate certain holidays themselves are getting lost.


I personally know a lot of people with amazing talking abilities. It is mesmerizing listening to them talk and watching them talk and hypnotize the audiences. Even knowing for a fact that they are 110% lying and B.Sing. That their “logic” is nonsense. Even knowing all I know; I was convinced as they talk and as I continue to listen. To actually did a double take, as I begin to believe their words over my own experiences. I started questioning myself and all that I know. Even discussing what happened with another witness, who also know the truth afterward. We are both amazed that someone can have such abilities without even trying.

Words are powerful. Languages are this realm’s main connectors. Communications systems and our abilities to use it — Are powerful tools we often underestimate. Because it is so common. As with everything, if used properly. It will yield all the benefits it is intended for. If use carelessly, mindlessly, and improperly — It can be a powerful, almost untraceable, source of moving destructive energy. An energy that sneaks up on us. That can do so much damage we would not be aware of until it is too late.

Hence, why it took much of my life of being misunderstood — to understand its strengths and weaknesses. Why it also took me 10 years to write this book. Why just now — am I accepting and stepping into my role. When the “spiritual” movement was just starting to gain momentum — It would be easy for me to write or say whatever I want. I have more than enough extraordinary experiences, to draw and captures the curiosities of the seekers of the unknown. Hence, if I started back then I would probably be more “accredited” now.

But source and my higher teams did not want that. So, they intentionally blocked me from that path. Would not allow me to learn anything from teachers, coaches, or peers of this realm other than “terms”. “Terms” that I must already first have the definition for through direct experiences. Or signs given directly by source and my higher teams themselves. The “terms” are necessary tools I needed to fulfill my missions. They are only given after I have truly understood what I am being taught. That the terms themselves does not truly mean anything without my direct experiences to define them.


I am not saying all this because I am “full of myself” and I want to be “special” and stand out. Remember, I am forced onto my path. It is not a path I had chosen. I am forced onto it because it is what Source, and my teams feels is needed. I am a loved tool for source, my higher self, and its teams to channel through. To be able to do what this world and its people need. If you ask my soul sister, she will tell you the epic battles I have had to fought to be able to be “semi-normal”.

So, I am not saying just because my experiences are the way it is — That I am more important or “special” than any of the other coaches and teachers. Those coaches and teachers who helped start, lead, and shed light and awareness to this higher conscious — that the people of this world are currently in now. That is their role. They have done an amazing job. I would not know the importance of my role. Nor have courage to step into mine — If they have not done their duty properly. If they are not such great examples of inspirations. So, I am not devaluing them.

But as I have said, all things good can turn bad. Because as human nature would have it. We are opportunists. Anything that catch on, will catch the attention of our greedy nature as well. The temptations are hard to resists. Hence, why it is a test. Why I have a role different from those other coaches and teachers. Why I will do things differently than those coaches and teachers. Why I will say, act, and react differently than them.


At the end of the day. No matter what we call ourselves — or other chooses to call us by. No matter what our roles are: bringers, examiners, light holder, grid holder, companions, teachers, coaches, and etc. We, in human suits, can be affected by its nature and environments. Just because we are more aware and mindful of our connections to source, our higher role, and our position upon this existence. Does NOT mean we are immune to temptations. To sidetracks, to make bad choices, to failures, and to indulge in things we know better not too.

Yes, we have a higher role. Yes, we have higher duties and responsibilities. Yes, we are more developed and informed than some of the people we are send here to help — or awake. Yes, we have titles, name, and positions that we like to be known by too. That we and others identify us by. Yes, we can be attached to it. Yes, we can be over-protective of it.

Some of us will pass our ego trials and end up doing what we are here to do. Some of us will not. It does not matter how important we think we are or role to be. Or how much we think we know. We are not immune to corruptions. Corruption does not always come from external forces either. Sometimes, it is internal corruptions that are the hardest to identify and address.

Hence, we have different people with different roles. When some people get “sidetracked” there will need to be “damage control”. We are here in “shifts” to help humanity evolve according to a divine schedule and time. Hence, everyone has a unique role that we step into when our times come up and we are needed. It does not mean that those who comes before us are more experienced or more “qualified”. It does not mean that they themselves cannot forget their higher purpose and mission and instead of helped — delayed the schedule.

The “identifying with” mindset and our over-protective nature of it. Often causes a lot of misunderstandings and side-tracked a lot of people — from truly practicing higher wisdoms successfully. Or just plainly understanding how the spiritual realm operates and works. Because this kind of mind-set is undeveloped. It is still “elementary” enough to believe that there are the same hierarchy systems in the spiritual realms as it is here. This concept is born from this world due to our survival abilities. Due to the traumas, we went through to survive, thrive, and prosper through “power” struggle to conquer.

Side Note: I dislike the use of “lower-self” or “higher-self”, “lower realm”, and etc. Because our experiences here in this realm — Is just as precious and valuable as the ones our higher self experiences in its realm. So, I apologize that sometimes I have to use those terms to communicate and make a point. But know that I do NOT think of what we experience here — as less than the miracle source intended it to be!


For all those who think that the “Gods” are beyond human. That all day they live in this paradise call “Heaven” and does nothing but be merry, peaceful, and loving. Let me ask you: If “God” does not understand and experience the resulting consequences of “laziness” and all the other “negative” trade we practice and indulge in. How would they know how “bad” it can affect us to teach that we should not indulge in it? For them to “law” against it. They must have recognized the flaws or even experienced it for themselves. Thus, know the true damage it can do. Hence, found ways to avoid being trapped in its practice and taught it to us.

It does not make sense to think they would out of the blue — and for no reasons. Create “Commandments” without knowing how truly difficult it is for us to resist the urge to overindulge in our more destructive nature. Sometimes it is hard to recognize and identify a problem — if we are not faced with the consequences of it. So, if they themselves have never experienced it. Never struggled.

They would not know how difficult it can be — to understand how difficult it is for us. Thus, not need to “sit” on it (Buddha), to focus, think, reflect, and conclude that it is indeed a “problem” area. Not need to make it a point to teach us to avoid overindulging in it and loosing ourselves because of it. By not knowing how terribly difficult it is for us — They would not know how much patient and compassion we would need from them — to give it to us, while we learn and grow.


Think about it: In our daily life. When we have a problem and need to talk to someone. Do we prefer to talk to someone who has no idea what it is like to be in our position? Or someone who truly empathize and sympathize with us because they have experienced it too? Would you prefer to get advice from someone who cannot grasp and understand your situations or someone who can? Someone who can give you advice that matches your circumstances and situation. Or someone who gives you unrelated advice that cannot be achieved in your position/condition?

For example, a lot of my privileged peers cannot understand how difficult life can be for someone else. They can cry and be so upset over a simple matter such as not having a specific person they want to baby-sit for them — all so they can go on a date with their husband. Not because they do not have options or cannot afford it. But because this person is used to having their way. Used to being able to achieve and get whatever they want — and the way they want it. Hence, they cannot handle that realistically everyone has lives of their own. And in life not everything will go according to how we want it — exactly the way we want it.

This same person thinks too, that living in poverty is a choice. When your friend just told you that they are experiencing financial difficulties. Also, just lost their job because they are unable to work due to injuries incurred during accidents. You do not insist repeatedly that the best way for them to get out of such situation — is to invest in real estate properties. Or do other investment with money they do not have.

This person is very “successful” in life. Is given everything “good” that life can offer. Is smart and humble. But cannot grasp the true understanding of certain situations — To truly empathize and sympathize with others due to their lack of experiences. Like this person, a God who does not truly understands cannot be truly empathic, sympathetic, and truly be compassionate to what it cannot absorb and process, right?



Andalasia Anon

I overheard that I was **destined** to be “Spiritual”. But no anyone ever tells me I can **BE** “Spiritual” coming into life.