ASR: B13: Chapter 3: Higher Wisdoms Are Like Complicated Math Problems With Very Simple Answers.

I keep getting the impression by what is popularized that the “Gods” are beyond us from what I am taught about them. But it does not make sense to me why and how. Why would they bother with us if they are beyond us? What make them want to help us, love us, teach us, guide us, support us, and see us grow into more refined entities?

If they are all we are taught, they are. Why would entities so magnificent would want to be bothered with us? Realistically, we must admit some people are hard to even be liked — much less be loved. Some people will try even the patient of a Saint. Thus, what make those higher entities think we are worth the continuous effort?

Are we not taught to reach “enlightenment” and “inner peace” — is to “let go” of our problems or walk away from what bothers us? We are basically taught that “nothing should matter”. To turn a blind eye, without even trying, to put an effort in making things better for those around us — because it is “not our problem”. Or that it would work itself out by itself eventually, even if we do nothing. If that is the case, then why did the ascended masters come to us back then? Why are “lightworkers” here, and others are being awakened in the masses? Why do we matter to those higher entities for them to choose to be in our lives?

Our existence is obviously a huge problem facing those higher entities. They should walk away from us or ignore us. Yet, even with the power to destroy us all completely. So, that we can no longer be a problem to their “inner peace”. They choose to patiently show compassion, empathy, sympathy, and benevolence in trying to teach us what we needed to learn. They came here to be tortured, murdered, and suffered unimaginably. Then, died at our hands to show us love.


So, why would they teach us something they do not practice themselves? Therefore, it could only mean we have misinterpreted their original lessons to us. Or we are lost within the short cuts and simplified forms we choose to adopt and embrace. Yet, because of our rich history and traditions. We are too stubborn to walk away from those concepts we have embrace to evolve and relearn the proper method.

Hundreds and even thousands of years of popularized teaching by religions and spirituality that basically: We should walk away from what bothers us; walk away from our problems; let it flow by us, and let it go! To some people, the human abilities to “will away” and bypass our duties, responsibilities, and what “bothers” us — Are superpowers they embrace and adjust to very well. It comes natural to them and easy for them to do. So, why would the ascended masters want to teach them a skill they are already prone to indulge in?

For a long time, it really bothers me, that popular believes only promotes the very basics and simplified teachings of wisdoms left behind by those higher entities. Only the easy, convenience, simplified, and superficial surface concepts of those “wisdoms” — of what was originally taught are promoted. The deep insightful higher wisdoms — are then lost within all the overwhelming misrepresentations and misinterpretations.


Let us be honest, we have created a lot of problems for ourselves. We contributed directly or indirectly to quite a few daily. If everyone is as irresponsible, and everyone is as ignorance to the true wisdom of why we are here. If everyone passes the bucket to someone else. No work would be done. Nothing would be achieved. Problems would still be problems.

Had Jesus, Buddha, Allah, and any other higher ascended entities uses those same excuses to not do what they are here to do. Where would we be now? We might not have gotten this far as a race. We might have damned ourselves long ago, by living selfishly only on our primitive survival instincts. Can you imagine what our world would be like if everyone chooses because they can — To bypass all life’s higher lessons. All life’s higher purposes and missions using “spiritual” and “religious” terms or phrases — To excuse themselves from doing what they are put here to do?

What can we accomplish by sitting around all day meditating? What can we learn from choosing to not ever interact with anyone ever again? Without interactions we need to maintain; without duties we need to perform; without responsibilities we need to exercise; without flaws we need to work on. Without lessons we need to learn, and without a purpose we need to accomplish. We would not have much stress or trouble in our daily life — that would require us to want to — Or need to practice meditation to find peace. We would not need to reflect — nor learn about our higher purpose and missions to keep us motivated to continue wanting to exist in this realm.

Side Note: Seriously, this is just my opinions — but a lot of life’s B.Ses are not worth the hell we are put through. Without knowing that we have a higher purpose and missions for us to achieve to make it worth the effort — the number of suicides would skyrocket. Not to mention our self-destructive tendency would rage out of control and consume us out of existence long ago.


If the “Gods” are like us, can allow themselves to use terms such as: “spirituality”, “religion”, and “wisdoms”. To bypass and shelter them in practice that can excuse them from facing the lessons they wanted to learn. How would they know what we are struggling with? To recognize it, to understand it, and then to help us identify the “roots” of our problems by incorporate “laws” against it? To finds methods for us to coop and overcome it. To teaches us those method and procedures — they have realized, to help us accept and deal with it?

Meditation” is a very “spiritual” term and practice. This term is taught to be of teachings of the great masters. Why did the great masters invent this practice? They are taught to be divine and above us, so why do they need to sit around all day meditating? Are we not taught nothing should or can bother them? Because they do not feel. If nothing should bother them. Why is this practice invented by them? Why are most of their portraits depict them in such position?

For so long religions and spiritual movement teaches and promote the idea of “enlightenment” and “peace” through the process of “walk away”, “let go”, and ignore. Maybe it is just me. I am not trying to overthink. I was not actually. This realization came to me one morning in a “dream”. After previously experiencing an amazing day full of happiness and contentment. Thus, there is not really any trigger for me to overthink and question so randomly about this subject.


Like I have said repetitively throughout this book. We are given brain to think, to learn, and we are here to experience lessons to be who we are. Our brain is one of three most important and powerful assets we are given in this physical realm. The brain and the heart are created to bridge and connect our physical self to our higher self. If we do not think, how can we learn? If we do not feel, how can we experience? If everything is as simple as “letting go”. If we are not meant to think, feel, be mindful, and reflect on things in our life. Not care. How can we understand what we are being taught?

For example. Again, I ask you to imagine a world where everyone can choose to bypass life’s higher lessons, purposes, and missions by running off — Or “escaping” from their problems by choosing to isolated themselves to practices religion or spirituality. Not everyone is suited or is ready for such a life. If we come into life to learn by living. If we do not live. Just avoid. Just walk away. How can we learn? How can we grow?

When we remove ourselves from experiencing, from interacting with those in our environments — that we are placed in to promote learning. We are removing ourselves from our lessons. Hence, removing our higher purpose for existing in this realm. Thus, by embracing a practice we are not ready for, we are doing ourselves more harm than good. Hence, the rise in corrupted gurus, spiritual, and religious leaders, and figures throughout the ages.


Think about it. Buddha left his sheltered life behind to emerged into the world outside his comfort zone to learn firsthand how things are — to feel it, to experience it, and understand it. If he thinks life is about observing from afar. If he thinks that he can learn its lessons from merely watching. He could have comfortably do so from behind his palace wall of luxury. But instead, he left it all behind to emerge himself in the world full of hardship and problems.

To face it head on, to experience it, to understand its problems, to recognize, and identify it. To overcome it. Then to think and reflect upon it to find a solutions and ways to rise above it. Jesus basically did the same thing. He walks the road to ascension through personal suffering. Through mindful actions, awareness, reflecting, identifying by thinking, and feeling the problems of his environments. Then rise above it in the end with higher wisdom he left behind with us.

We are taught to embrace those masters’ teachings. But only emphasize and amplify on the results they came to — Not the deep insightful hardship that got them there. We credit the answers, embrace it, and celebrate it, copy, and mimic the idea. But we do not truly understand its fundamentals. Nor how to truly achieve it because we are taught the process — the journey itself is not as important as the destination.

We are only taught to blindly embrace the brilliant result. That the end goal is the only important factor that really matters. Thus, we distort the wisdoms they have worked hard to earn — into meaningless excuses. Excuses we use for our conveniences and justifications, so we can continue to bypass doing what we are meant to do.


We are created and placed upon this realm to learn, to grow, and to ascend. We cannot do so if we jump from stage 1 directly to stage 10 — upon the mis-taught idea that we do not need all the stages in between. Like solving a complex math problem. Sometimes the answer is given to us in the question itself.

Because it is not the answer that is the most important part we are seeking to understand. If we do not understand the fundamentals. We would not understand the question to even know where to begin to start solving the problem. By not knowing where to begin and where the first step is. How can we realize and apply all the other steps to understand why the answer is what it is?

Also, we would not know the method to solve the questions — if it were written in a different way or format. Like that example there are so many misleading concepts about religion and spirituality that are embraced and mis-taught. Just because some people choose a certain way of thinking and a set of practice in their way of life. Does not mean it automatically resulted in “enlightenment” just because they choose to believe so!


Isolation and letting go, follow naturally after we have learned all the lessons we are here to learn. When we have achieved all the true deeper wisdoms, we are here to learn — Can we then have a right to simplify it. In my opinions we are often mis-taught, misrepresent, and misunderstand. Thus, mis-associate the terms: “enlightenment”, “inner peace”, “letting go” and many other forms of the notion of high “spiritualism”.

In my experience, “Inner peace” and “letting go” — Is not defined by ignoring the problems or walking away from it and never look back. They are to be achieved through a process of lessons learned, reflected — And finally, the wisdom of acceptance of the depth of how it has affected and changed us. Like the analogy of the math problem.

Those terms are the results of stage 10. The answers. At that stage, the answer is truly very simple. However, before simple can be found. The path and steps to reach those simplified answers are — a complicated process that we need to deeply grasp. If we do not, the simplified answers will mean nothing to us. We can embrace it and use it cursorily once we found a reasonable method to achieve the same answer we are given. Because we are taught to accept it arrogantly as an entitlement we do not fully understand.

Thus, when given another question using the same concept, we would not know how to yield the right answers. Hence, we become loss and failed test after test because our method/formula is incorrect. It funneled to only one direction. Hence, if someone could find a way to “block” that direction, we will be completely lost.


Therefore, if we are meant to ignore and walk away from all problems. Or the problems that we do not want to see and encounter upon our path — the higher power would not need to create them in the first place. Make sense, right? If we do not need to learn, we would not be taught — and lessons would not be in every page of our lives. We would not be here among each other instead of the “Gods”.

From my experiences, I do not believe the true formula for wisdom is to “walk away” and ignore. It is awareness. Mindfulness. Growing and learning through being aware and mindful — of ourselves and the world around us. Aware and mindful of the problems. Aware and mindful of our position on contributing to the causes or effect. Then trying to our best abilities — to mindfully minimize possibilities of damaging ripples we choose to make with our actions, thoughts, and choices.

Enlightenment” in my definition is the acceptance of what is. It is not passive acceptance nor partial acceptance, but interactively live and inclusive. Actively using what we have learned to accept and embrace the things that we encountered. Actively using our wisdoms to recognize and to address the problems in an aware and conscious ways — that will serve the higher mission and purpose for our journey into this realm.

True “Inner peace” comes from the knowing and accepting our place within the greater design. Knowing our strengths and weaknesses. Knowing our limitations and respecting and trusting — that there is a purpose for it. Performing the missions and duties we are here to do. Standing in our power and directing it — instead of letting it direct us.




I overheard that I was **destined** to be “Spiritual”. But no anyone ever tells me I can **BE** “Spiritual” coming into life.

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Andalasia Anon

Andalasia Anon

I overheard that I was **destined** to be “Spiritual”. But no anyone ever tells me I can **BE** “Spiritual” coming into life.

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