ASR: B13: Chapter 5: Intellect And Wisdoms Are Not The Same

Heaven” and “Hell” are conceptual components of the “God” system. “Heaven” is to motivate and inspire the light within us. While “Hell” is to reinforce and discipline the darkness that lurks about. Keeping it in check as we learn to harmonize the two halves of us. Thus, the concept of all things related to “Heaven” is created to give us a guiding light. Give us hope, and an acceptable reason to be inspired to do the things that we should be doing. While “Hell” dictate what will happen if we fail.

It is a wonderful system to help those who are young. Those who are just starting out and still lack the experiences, that would enrich and evolve their intellect. Intellect and wisdom are not the same. This is often a misconception that throws some of the most intelligent individuals. Off from their path of achieving higher wisdoms, and down into the depth of chaos and destructions.

The highest level of intellect to be achieved. Is the final test of ascension into true higher wisdoms. And the first step toward unity. Therefore, that is where the lines between higher intelligent and higher wisdoms can sometimes be murky, due to all the components of our nature. Thus, the super intelligent who have achieved reaching the highest level of intellect. But cannot let go of the old templates they are taught. Or the comfort zone they are used to. To then truly understand and embrace the depth of higher wisdoms.

Thus, cannot ground and harmonize the unity of their physical and higher self into one. Stays or falls back into “lower” wisdoms, which does not evolve them. So, instead of transcendence them after reaching the highest level of intellect to ascend into higher wisdom. Because they fail the exam to advance further. Thus, become confine and incarnated at the very edge of madness.

Hence, the road to higher wisdoms (“complete unity/enlightenment”) is a journey we must take with great patient, discipline, and endurances. Allowing our achievements to fuel our ego. Thus, prompt us to speed up toward that apparent light winking ahead at us. We can miss all the signs in between that tells us it is not the direction we are looking for. Just because something is obvious, big, bright, and winking at us — does not mean it is what we are looking for.


God” is that light we are looking for, but the “Devil” is the one winking at us. Heaven, Hell, and all the components and concepts that associate with those terms — Are mere signs along the way that warns, inform, or direct us. Speeding unaware and mindlessly pass those signs, and we are lost. Sometimes it is easier to get to a destination the first time — with caution but slower. Then it is to speed pass all the signs and be lost. Thus, drives around in circles and experiencing all kind of unnecessary hardship before we can get to where we needed to go.

Just like a child’s different stages of growth. Before they can learn to read full words or sentences. They must first learn the basic “ABCs”, and then they must put it altogether to form words. Therefore, the “God” system is a great concept for the stage we were at when we first started out. But now that we have evolved. We need to upgrade and broaden our mind to allow ourselves to see beyond this elementary system.

We need to put our knowledge of the basic “ABCs” we have learned to good use. Just like the first step in a child learning to read. We have now been taught the “ABCs” of spirituality through religion and its practices. Now that we are familiar with it. We need to go beyond its superficial simplified surface. Beyond the recognitions and identifying stages, and dive deeper within ourselves to understand the knowledge of what we have learned. To use it to pass our exams and move onto the next level.

To move on. To ascend further. We must first see the true source of the “God” behind our “Gods” and “Goddesses”. See the origin of where our systems were born and take forms. So, that we can understand its strengths and weaknesses, then refine it. We cannot do that if we are stuck by our attachments to “habits” and “comfort” — that makes us want to stay within the outdated templates we were taught by the past.


There is nothing wrong with respecting the past. Cherishing it. Honoring it. But we cannot keep living in it. Cannot allow it to continue dictating our decisions and actions and keeps us from evolving. What happens to those who become too intelligent to be confined within the old system. Yet, too fixated to let it go. Or be able to understand and embrace its true higher purpose. To cope, they turned corrupted to maintain their comfort.

To stay within their comfort zone, they stop advancing forward and starting walking in circles. Thus, got disoriented and lost. So, they twisted the higher purpose of the system’s many components into manipulatable parts. That they then use to their advantages or use to take advantages of others.

Those are the corrupted super intelligent individuals we often found in leadership roles. Roles that have great influential impacts on major areas of our lives. Area such as: religion, spirituality, governments, community leaders, and educations. Roles that we sometimes recognize as “cult leaders” and “mad scientist”. Those are just a couple of the names we like to call them. There are so many more.

Those individuals are people with higher abilities that can capture and “wow” some of us into mindlessly following their lead. Because they capture our admirations, adorations, and trusts — with their advance and evolved abilities. So, please be warned. It is O.K. to be a follower. But not O.K. to blindly follow someone off a cliff — when we are made and equipped with the abilities to see the cliff ahead.


The “God” system teaches that we should be “good” to receive good “karma” in return. To achieve our goals of ascending beyond this “inferior” stage of existence. To be “worthy” of standing next to our idol. To be loved, respected, refined, and achieved. But can a system that teaches we should be kind, should be generous, should be responsible, and selfless — Because we will be rewarded. Can it truly teach genuine intentions?

Because by doing as instructed, we believe we will ultimately achieve a hidden selfish motive or ambitions. Can we truly express genuine generosity, compassion, and sense of responsibilities. When our reasons for helping others is so that in the end — we will ultimately trade it for a reward? To be kind to others, so that we can gain. Can feel rightfully justified to feel entitled to “deserve/worthy” of more. To be able to expect more, ask for more, want more, and take more? How can selflessness be the results of such selfish concept and lessons taught to us?

Also, this “elementary” (or unevolved) template can help and teach the young and “new” — starting out, the basic values and principles of being “good”. It can motivate and inspire good habits. It can help them to take the first few steps. The steps that help set foundations for them to walk toward that hopes and dreams of being a better person.

A better person than the one they would have been, if they were not taught good basic principles to help guide and direct them. It is always good to have “positive” visions to help us move forward during difficult times. But anything “good” can turn “bad” without whole acceptance, and whole understanding of the full “picture/concept” we are looking at.

Because without full acceptance and full understanding: To help guide, moderate, and ground our decisions and actions — according to the whole picture instead of a half picture. We can be tricked by our lack of knowledge: into self-confirming biases and self-fulfilling prophecies — to set ourselves up for great disappointments. Those disappointments can then lead to our detriment when our reality does not “match” — our hopes and dreams as we grow and mature.


Because we are here to learn. We will be taught lessons that does not align with the templates that we are so used to. Higher lessons come in the most unexpected ways, that we cannot be prepare for — nor fully teach someone easily. Therefore, we cannot teach endless optimisms and expect it to be enough. Enough and the only thing to carry someone through all the higher lessons that life want to teach them.

Equipped with only the abilities to see “good/positive/nice” — How are they going to handle the reality of life’s truest lessons? That being: Life can suck big times for “Good” people. But does that mean we give up trying to be at least a decent person? Doing what we can, even in the harshest of conditions — not because it is expected of us. Not because we want to be rewarded in the end. Not because someone told us it is the “right” or “wrong” thing to do. But simply because it is what we are designed to know how to be.

We are borne from complete love and compassion. We are here to train and learn how to be evolved entities that knows: How to define, how to appreciate, how to cherish, and hold those magnificent powers within us. Also, how to understand, give, and use that source of power to blossom into the best products of Source’s intentions.


Life would not be a test, if all are lessons are meant to be easy. Because our goal is not here to learn to be just a “good” person. We are here to learn to be “great” like our creator. Hence, we will be put through grueling trials and tests. Therefore, we need to be opened to accept all facets of life and what it offers. To do that we have to accept all higher wisdoms and lessons in its whole — not parts. We must ground to things as they are — not as we hope them to be. We must learn to make peace and embrace what is — as it is. Not get triggers by it. Because we have personal’s notions and self-fulfilling desires, we cannot resist indulging in.

Therefore, in a world meant to grow. A world always in motions. We need to learn to the see clearly what is in front of us as it is. Not as we desire it to be. Yes, we do have the ability to co-create our life path. Just remember “Co” is in front of “create”. We have the ability — to contribute, not the ability to totally have control. Therefore, we need to know our place, need to accept, and respect our strengths and weaknesses. But we cannot do that if we are taught, we have the “power” to do whatever we want just because we think it. Or it is taught so, to us by someone else.


While growing up, I honestly cannot understand the repetitive and insistent — desperate need of the people around me to be “worthy” of their “Gods”. To be rewarded with “Heaven”, nor understand why do we need to do anything for the sake of “God”? When in front of us, there is someone who need us to do it purely for the sake of them. If one is giving out of the pureness of one’s heart, then why do we need to gather under the name of “God” to do it? Why is there a need for spotlight and camera to focus on us for us to start? Why must there be a show? Who are we showing off too?

Why do we need a mythical reward to do the things we should be doing? Why do we think we want Heaven? Our world is full of wonders. Life is a miraculous event. To be able to wake up every day — to a world full of magical colors and beautiful sound — is such a privilege. The greatest honor, and grandest prize have already been freely bestowed upon us. Yet, why are we taught there is more that we needed? Instead, of being taught to appreciate the things we already have.

With a threat over our head that if we fail to be “good” or do “rightful” deed. We will be judged and thrown into “Hell” as punishment when our time here is done. Our rewards: If we are “good”, we do not have to face the “Devil”. So, again how sincere is the gift of generosity and kindness, if it is not from the heart? If it is motivated by fear. A gift given out of obligation with returns expectations, due to a social constructed concept. A tool invented as a guideline to help us navigate the path we need to go — and taught that it is the easy and obvious road toward rewards and achievements.


For the super smart who have reached a level of intellect beyond this basic system. Who can see through its flaws. It is an open invitation to give into the temptations to manipulate and achieve personal goals faster. Therefore, to many of those people “God” is just a cover they hide behind. In front of others and before “God” some of us are on our best behavior. But behind closed doors, some of us hide a part of us so ugly we cannot accept ourselves.

Thus, how can “God” or anyone accept us, when we cannot accept ourselves? How can others truly love us, when we do not even like ourselves? How do we improve that ugly part of us and make it acceptable and beautiful, if all we do is run from it? Hide from it? Cover it up with superficial glitters and flares.

How we have corrupted and distorted the original idea and intention that Religion and Spirituality are meant for. We have broken the original scale with our distorted “wisdoms” and replaced it with our own counterfeit ones. Unlike its original, those scales are defected, and errors filled. Yet, we accept it. Because we too, have been corrupted and lost the ability to understand the original wisdoms and idea that started this system. A system put in place to help us on our road to ascend — is now its detriment.


Those counterfeit scales, they do not measure someone’s purity. The scales itself are an injustice. It is discrimination: demeaning, bias, and divide people from each other — and even from themselves. It classifies and divides us. When we should be working in unity to achieve harmonization, so we can evolve.

Why should someone rich; can afford to donate and have the time to volunteer — Be judged by the same scale and standard as someone who could barely make it through each day, just trying to stay alive another day? Does that mean people with more privileged life, have a better chance to get into “Heaven”? People who live life suffering the “misfortunates” of its discrimination, is then destined to face “Hell” in the afterlife? Even after already living a life of “Hell” on earth?

Does that mean just because I cannot afford to build a church and painted in gold, my effort to help humanity does not count? If I am poor and barely have enough to eat, yet I am still mindful to share what little I have with others who needs it. Does that really make me less pure of heart than someone who can hand out endless donations? If I do not feel motivated to be decent, because I do not care for “Heaven” as my reward. I just want to be so — with no utter motive, intentions, or agenda. I just plainly want to because it feels right — is that wrong?

Those questions started haunting me in my teens. Being born into this realm as a “spiritualist/lightworker”. Invited to be here to help humanity evolve. Even without knowledge of my role, this call to step into my role. To do what I am here to do. To live my higher purposes and to fulfill my higher missions — is a deep soul-yearning that is encoded into every particle of my existent.

Therefore, when I was younger the calling to live my higher missions and purposes is a craving, I did not understand. Nor know how to satisfy and fulfill. Being isolated from any true spiritual teachers and coaches that I can ask questions and be guided by. I clumsily follow my instincts and “feel” my way around the path I am drawn too. A path that often orbit humanitarian work.


Back then, being a newly immigrant kid. One without exposure and very limited social connections to community organizations. I had no idea where to start or what I could do. So, I researched charity organizations in hope to be able to calm this calling. Living in a small, underdeveloped town. There were not many available charities for volunteer opportunities back then. But I found some.

However, I was not able to join any because I was found “unqualified”. I even took a chance and showed up in person in hope they would change their mind. Especially, when they saw how much I wanted to contribute my effort to helping others. But when I got there, I was told there was no exception. I am not “qualified” because I must be “Christian”. Or willing to convert if I want to volunteer.

The calling was so strong that I wanted to compromise. But with my abilities to see through the “fog/clutters” of the templates that governs this realm. I could not just blindly set my higher wisdoms and principles aside. Something inside me would not allow it. Would not let me accept substitutes for what is not genuine.

This experience started me questioning “God”. Questioning the pettiness of the templates that our systems have embraced and build upon. Questioning the “truth” I am taught about the “Gods” I am taught to know. About the whole systems that surround it. Not until much later did I realize that “God”, “religion”, and “spirituality” is not the problem. People are.



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Andalasia Anon

I overheard that I was **destined** to be “Spiritual”. But no anyone ever tells me I can **BE** “Spiritual” coming into life.