ASR: B13: Chapter 6: Where Trust Is Hard To Earn But Fragile. Faith Is Transcendence.

Andalasia Anon
10 min readMar 27, 2022


Religion created by man, taught to another man, by another man — Is a social constructed purely corrupted to suit the wimps of man. How can an entity as refined and wise as our creator, create such an amateur system? No true “God” created every individual uniquely different; to judge them all the same. It does not make any sense.

It is possible that religion was developed by advance-minded entity trying to keep us on the path to ascension. But “pre-mature” narrow-minded people have corrupted it with their influences and omittance of some of the deeper teachings. It is now a concept that also teaches discriminations, prejudice, and shallowness.

Because when the original teaching is passed through such people. They take it upon themselves to tweak the originals to suits their own believes and perspectives. Just like how religions are “branched” out. Or how “new” English is limited by its youth to be able to describe and understand fully the ancient practices and knowledge that is left behind by the masters.


In my personal experiences with “recent” religions and physical spiritualities — it teaches me to fear. Taught me I was not good enough. Thus, fear to myself and fear my peers. Taught me judgment, taught me prejudice, taught me discrimination, taught me envy, taught me vengeance, taught me pettiness, taught me hate, taught me entitlements, and wants. Taught me to be self-centered, narrow-minded, and see the world as “unfair”.

Also, taught me I am a convict. Therefore, needed to be punished for crimes I did not even know I created “last life”, and tried to scare me into being “good.” Tells me to be unique — is not O.K, that I needed to be like everyone else and do what they do. Taught me I am born into servitude and meant to be ruled by others; physically or meta-physically. That I was born to be the slave of someone else’s beliefs, and to live within the boundaries of their illusion. Taught me I can get away with any actions or crimes I choose to commit; if I am smart enough to find the right excuses and justifications for it.

Taught me greed and taught me selfishness. Taught me to soar above the ground, without knowing how to ground. Taught me that if I believe something is “right”, it is so. It is enough, and thus I can take whatever I feel I “deserve” as long as I want it. Or think I need it — Regardless of consequences to anyone else. Taught me that my mindless actions can easily be forgiven. If I just “pray” and is willing to “pay” for my crime through monetarizes donations. Or join a “believer” group. Or identify myself to certain practices such as, “become religiously vegan” for a few days — and all is forgiven.

I learned all this by being the victims of people who are slaves to their mindless beliefs. People who practice physicals wisdoms they do not understand. People who take whatever they want and do whatever they want. Tortures and hurts others, and then set up elaborate praying sessions and ceremonies, to ask the Gods to forgive them. Only to then turn around and continue to do what they do again.


Having experiences all that I have experienced and being taught all this. By a system that I am taught I must trust is “right”, because “Godcannot be wrong. Because “traditions” cannot be wrong. Because it is “old”. Therefore, is “wise” and “trustworthy” merely because it is so. A system I am also taught and told I cannot question. That is afraid of my voiced inquiries into its origins and secrets. That I am warned by others, to voice what bothers me would results in higher retribution.

Therefore, how can I trust in it when I have also known of another? Another who taught me I need to question; need to investigate the discrepancies that bothers me. Encourages and demand — I break away from the templates that tries to imprison me. Therefore, how can I believe in the taughtGod” when he makes no sense to me?

For someone who is forced to live her whole life based on a higher teaching, of another greater entity. Do you see now why I feel I must question the qualifications of who is judging me at the end of my life? Why my teams of higher guardians adamantly refuse to allow me to be taught by a peer of this realm?

Why they fill my life with harsh lessons that would challenges and triggers — questions of everything I am taught and is shown on the surfaces of this material existence? Questions that force me to be mindful and aware. Thus, grounded. Instead, of soaring mindlessly above the ego-cloud and lost within it. Therefore, such obvious sloppiness in the system of “God”. A system invented by lost souls out of desperate needs to make sense of chaos. How can it teach someone to truly ascend? When they, cannot get past or even understand the basics?


Side Note: To lightworkers and anyone who identify themselves with similar titles. A friendly reminder: Your title or whatever you choose to call or identify yourself as. Does not protect you from your own abilities to corrupt yourself. Does not make you immune to human nature. As long as you wear the suits you are in — in the conditions that is planned for you.

You are not immune to trials and tests — that is designed to examine you. You are not just here to help humanity evolve. You are also put here to evolve yourself. Hence, do not let the enthusiasm of “spiritual” fanatics’ discoveries; causes you to fail your higher purposes by being caught up in it.

The title “lightworkers” does not make you more special than anyone else. A “non lightworkers” can surpass you to ascends easily. If their heart and soul is in the right place, and they are dedicated to learning what they are meant to learn. Thus, do not get mislead by the title that you give yourself — to think you are above having to learn the lessons meant for you too.

The moment we pick something to identify with — is the moment we become ungrounded.


We want more than we need, once one desire is fulfilled — there will be another. Wants are endless because we do not know what we need. When we do not know what we need, what we crave. We are left always seeking for more of what we think will satisfy that hunger — never to be content. Thus, contentment is the hardest thing to achieve because we live in a world taught to want.

The world of the “Gods and Goddesses” is created to placate the extremely greedy and ambitious. Those who cannot be satisfied with what is before them. So, the world of the “Gods” is created to humble them. To give them a different direction to focus their greed and ambitions. Because without the almost-unattainable limits to bound those who arrogantly believes they are above all. Even more sheer horrors would have painted our history.


Deep down we set out upon this journey because the journey is the ultimate reward. A chance to learn who we really are. A chance to be all we can be — by living, doing, creating, and make-happens. Most of us is starting to realize what a blessing we have. For generations traumas fueled by mindless wars of greed and selfish desire, would not allow us to see it. It blinded us. It demands more, it knows there is more. Thus, it believes it deserve more.

But not many of us know we are already given the best of the best. Life is the miracle we seek. We just chose not to see it that way. Life is not an inferior plane of existence. It is an honor (like school, only the privilege has the means to be educated). Because this journey to the physical world is a test. A test of our ultimate abilities to exist true to our form — in any stage of existence. It is where our true nature is tested to see its limits. To see if we can handle the next level in our ascension.

Because we know life ends, the fear of the uncertainty and unknown that lies after it — is a terrifying thought for some of us. So, to placate us, our ancestors create ways to keep us on track. Keep us from giving into our primitive nature, thus mindlessly destroying ourselves. They do so by giving us answers and hope through Religion as a guide. A guide to keep us from attempting desperate actions in our fear or ambitious greed for more of life.


The concept of Heaven, Hell, Devil, and God — is needed back then. Because the world back then needed it. But now that we are a race that have grown, do we still need those four primitive concepts to exist? If it does not exist to give us an excuse not to face our true problems, would not all humanity problems be easier to identify? Thus, easier to address, work on, and solve?

If we live life with the blindfold off. With mindful integrity and open acceptance, would we still need those four concepts? Would we still need them as our guide and reminder? If the Devil is God, then who would we outsource our blame for our lack of control over the darkness in our heart? Who would take the fall for the consequences of us making no effort, to do what we are put here to do?

Back when we were younger, we needed order and guidance to keep ourselves in check. Thus, on the path we know we must take. We needed religion (we still do for the youngsters). Because we needed to believe in something while we suffer, so we can earn the wisdom of today. In the past religion is a social construct tool used to manipulate the mass majority and help regulate orders, by those in power. For those who are not, it is inspirational hope for equality.

Today, in first world countries. Religions are recreational luxury, not a necessity in our lives. Religion and spirituality are great concepts — as long as, we understand why we choose to practice it, and understand where its limits lie. Knowing its limit will hinder someone else’s abilities to use it to take advantages of us. When people want something, they will always find a way to justify for themselves the reason why they should have it.


There are studies that say, “people doing religious activities are happier”. Here, let me break it down for you why they are “happier” in my opinion. People doing religious activities are “happier” when they attend religious event. Because they attached themselves to a common idea. Thus, seeking and confirming approval and acceptance from each other to feel stronger. They are socializing to get support and strength where they feel they lack. Feeling empowered by common goals and thoughts; feeling connected and a part of something. This strengthens vulnerable people.

Being in group setting that bring like-minds together, doing something they think is meaningful, and bringing joy and purposes to their life — Helps them feel stronger than being alone. Religion and Spirituality are beautiful concepts created by beautiful people with good intention. But it only takes one mind to corrupt thousands. When vulnerabilities are hidden — instead of work on. The individual vulnerabilities we have does not go away — just because it can hide itself well in a crowd.

As our history have shown, if someone chooses — it only takes one person to expose, and use these vulnerabilities to inflict great damage and lasting consequences upon our world. Being a taught skeptic. I am taught to see since I was a child, that sometimes it is harder to convince one strong person to give up their will, than it is to convince a crowd. Because you must put effort and work, into convincing someone who does not have a vulnerability — to have one. By breaking them down first. So, you can exhaust their will and exerts yours over them. While trying to manipulate someone with a vulnerability they already have, is easy as pushing the ball where it wants to go.


Like the proverb about, “one apple can spoil the bunch”. One misguided leader or teacher — can spoil a whole generation. If that leader or guide’s mistake is not realized and caught early: Then it can spoil many generations thereafter, as people teach each other. We have taught each other much misinformation.

Thus, religion was born to give us a focus point and unite perspectives. But those perspectives then get divided every time someone in power or have privileges — step up and want to have their own way. Because they have the more prestige position or the loudest convincing voices; others choose to identify those individuals as strong leaders due to their blind admiration. With the talent to shine and blinds followers into willingly being manipulated. Those individuals can lead people to mistaken integrity and sincerity for half truths and lies to serve and follow in their path.

As with all great concept invented with intention for good, it can be corrupted and twisted. It takes years to build trust, but only one act of betrayal to shatter it. However, faith and trust are not the same thing. Sometimes we misunderstand those terms. Where trust is hard to earn but fragile because it is mundane. Faith is transcendence.

Because it is transcendence, it is per individual perspective and experiences. It can be taught. But sometimes cannot be proven. Because it can be taught, its holds upon us are influential. Habitual-like, so it can be stubborn and hard to break free from.


I did not pull this knowledge and wisdom out of thin air. I did not have to read too deeply into our history book to know that this is a known fact. It has happened over and over throughout our history. And still continue to happen, as generation after generation we make the same mistakes.

It takes about a thousand years to implement something into a system and changes people’s mind. Then another thousand years or more, to phase it out if it does not work. Because people in general, dislike and resist changes due to fear of the unknown. And the effort it would require to learning to accept something new. Due to our limited mortality, time invested in effort put into adaption — is not something many people are willing to risk investing in.

Why work harder than we need to right? Why change what has been “working”? Why bother to see things in a different light? Or try something new when old habits, actions, and routine still works with mindless effort? Life is an unpredictable land mine and comfort zone are hard to come by, so why stray?

Because if you do not, then you will never ascend and move forward. You will be “stuck” until you are worn down and crease to exist. Then your journey would have been for nothing.



Andalasia Anon

I overheard that I was **destined** to be “Spiritual”. But no anyone ever tells me I can **BE** “Spiritual” coming into life.