ASR: B13: Chapter 8: Let Me “Spin This Table” Around

For most of my life I am taught to believe by social stories that I must be the biggest mistake “God” has ever created. I was convinced by the things I have heard from others. Have also, even straight-out, had a few immediate loved ones told me that my life sucks. Because I am being punished for being who I am. That in my “last life” I must be a terrible person. Or that I am too disrespectful toward the “Gods” for the way I think. That is why I am being punished with all the “bad” things that happened in my life.

Some of my closest and respected friends have warned me not to voices what I have said in this book. For my thoughts on religious matters. On what is traditionally taught about the “wisdoms” of the past or elderlies. Because they were taught fear. Taught to strongly believe that there will be retribution from the higher up to bluntly pointed out the flaws of the “Gods”. That I am “disrespectful” to even think to question anything that I have been traditionally taught, about what is taught to me.

Punishment and retribution for exploring discrepancies — for blunt honesty? For actually using my brain and my blessed intellect — To questions false teaching and misguided wisdoms? Directly from the hands of the higher power that created us, I am taught to think for myself. So how is that “wrong”? How is honesty — “disrespectful”? How is searching for truth — Punishable? If so, then only liars, manipulator, and suck-ups are allowed into Heaven? If that is the requirements to get into “Heaven”, and it is a place full of such people. Thanks, but no thanks. You can have my ticket. I will pass.


I am given the gift of perspectives; I am put through “Hell” so I can learn to see the world differently than everyone else. Thus, allowing me to have deeper intimate views and understanding of life’s lessons and situations. All so that I can see and understand the differences between illusion and natural truths. Why would our creator give me the gifts I am given, and taught me how to use it to see life for what it really is — if I am better off without it?

An example is the lesson taught to me by allowing me to encounter a “poor” old “hurting”, and supposedly, “going through a tough divorce” woman and her daughter. She declares to people she crosses path with that she is a “good” person and very morally sound. Who pray five times a day — Whom follows strict daily religious rituals because of her beliefs. Yet, she has no problem with thinking up sinister scams, to satisfy her greedy nature and support her lavish lifestyle.

She called me “crazy” and accused me of having “mental health” because I confronted her. Stood up to her when she cornered someone. My gifts make me very, very aware of who she is. But I am taught to know but not judge. Taught to give people a chance and I did. If she honestly believes just because she follows only the surface superficial formalities of the guidebook; she would get to “Heaven”. Then I honestly hope for her sake, her “Heaven” exist. However, you cannot pay enough to want to be there.


Physical peers of this realm, you can hate me, you can stun me and physically and emotionally hurt me with your actions or words. Because I dare to speak my mind. Dare address controversial and sensitive topics you do not want to think about — much less talk about. But what needs to be said will be said. I will not let the fears I am taught keep me from doing what I am here to do. If “God” is going to punish me for doing what the creator put me here for. Then, it is not the “God” I can respect and believe in.

I know perfectly well what some people’s reactions would be to my higher missions and purposes for being here. My whole life was endurance training. Training for the day when I would step into my role. I have had to live with all the ugly reactions and ugly truths about humanity since I was a child. So that I may understand the importance of my missions and purposes, for going through what I was put through.

Until you have faced such situations that cornered and forces you to make decisions you do not want to make — you would not understand how hard life’s tests can be. The phrase: “Damnit if you do. Damnit if you don’t.” the person who said this first. Truly understands the truth of life intangibles situations, and the ultimate test of humanity character.

Due to the collections of all such lessons that are forced upon me. In my opinion, if “religious/spiritual” beliefs, activities, and rituals are the only path to God’s kingdom. Then, it would be too overcrowded already. “Sainthood” does not seem much of a challenge and “God” is no wiser than man.


Let me “spin this table” around, from the perspectives I have been taught by the people of this realm to see myself. Now that I have allowed myself to experience what I am taught from the perspective of someone ignorant, sitting across from them. Someone who was willing to accept whatever B.S-es, they tried to teach me while I am lost. Let me “share” with you what I see — now, from my perspective “above” that table looking down.

From there, I can say anyone who chooses to associate themselves with religious and spiritual groups. Who declare that we must gather under a “God’s” title to do luxurious and fun activities — Is guilty of insulting “God”. Guilty for using God name in vain as an excuse to band together, for the sole purpose of socialization. To selfishly use God’s name to fulfil basic needs. To compensate for personal loneliness or entertainment’s sake.

They are also declaring themselves God’s equal. Arrogant, enough to believe they know God well enough to tell others what God wants. Know enough make others do what they want them to do. Guilty, also of putting words in God’s mouth, framing God, and assuming God is weak and does not have the power to reach individuals directly. Thus, in need of their important services.

I think blunt honesty is the lesser of the crime punishable; in compared to some of the things I have pointed out. On a much longer list of other crimes humanity have already committed against our creator. So, no. After all that I have been through and all the higher truths that were revealed to me about life. I realize how sad life is already for some people.

If their life is anything like mine or worst. And they are not as connected to their higher guardians as I am, to support them. To protect them from all the misinformation that they are fed. They would not know how to escape it. Would not know how resist and break free from the cage of misguidances. Having been caged within such situations, I can tell you how disempowering and how detriment it can be to a soul.

Even for a soul as carefully guarded, guided, completely loved, and protected as mine. Directly watched over by source and my higher teams. Yet, there are still so many times I felt myself on the brink of that cliff wanting to jump off. Wanting to cut ties with source and my higher teams, to stop the pain of trying to live honestly and truthfully in a world as “backward” as this.

Therefore, the misinformation taught to people who is already down on their “luck”, due to the lessons they are going through. Due to trials and tests they are experiencing — must have made it even harder than it already is. By putting them down farther with such ignorance. Thus, the quote I was given that confirmed the mission to write this book: “Just because you attached yourself to a truth, doesn’t mean you understand it. There’s a difference in understanding an idea and experiencing.



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