ASR: B13: It Takes One “God” To Create The Universe…But Many “Gods” To Earn Its Wisdoms.

Andalasia Anon
6 min readMar 6, 2022

Author’s Note: To all the bringers/lightworkers/teachers/coaches/examiners/guardians…etc.

You know who you are. Our eternal family is waiting. Some of us have been here too long. Lost within our “work ethics” to remember that working through exhaustion and burnt out — will do more harm than good. As the guiding lights, when we get lost. Everyone who follows within that light will be too. Fatigue can lead to lowered immunity to corruption and distortion of the higher principles.

Can causes “branch out”. Resulting in deadly shortcuts that turn our light toward a direction that we are not meant to take. I am here to remind you not to forget to respect our own limitations. To be mindful of our own “negative/unhealthy” effect in this realm as well. Being a “lightworker” or titled something does not mean we are immune to making bad decisions, making mistakes, and taking wrong actions against what we do not understand.

A “lightworker” title does not make us immune to natural human nature. Nor does it give us access to all resources, all levels, and all positions qualifications — to know and interfere in the design. So, wrap up and be prepare to change “shift”. Some of us have done all we could in the positions we are given. We have done good. Humanity is now given all the tools to evolve and ascend further because of your efforts.

So, trust source to know what it is doing. Trust yourself to accept your place and let go. Trust whoever is to come next, to be capable of doing their duty as you have yours. Trust those whom you have empowered to now be tested. So, look forward to going home! You have earned it. When the time come for you. Walk forward and do not look back. Thank you for all that you have given this realm.

Now back…


Why would someone who can make the world bow at their feet — to stop their suffering…. not want to? Is wisdom wise or a form of insanity?

I guess that is the difference between being human and a higher entity. For the longest time I did not understand why someone who could make the world bow — would choose to let them stand on their own. Why someone who could kill us with a simple thought — would surrender to us to be tortured, at our mercy, and murdered. Now I know and understand why.

It is never about power or superiority. It is about learn and let learn. Teach and be taught. Heal the wounds of being birth into vulnerabilities on a journey to higher wisdoms, and true dimensional growth. It all comes down to the act of freeing us to understanding complete love. The journey and the wisdoms, we learned along the way. To be refined to that position of truly understanding how to recognize and appreciate it. How to accept, to give, to hold, and to respect that power of love.

True love is not to have someone feel obligated to love you. But to have someone freely chooses to love you and stand beside you as equal companion. Someone who freely chooses to respect your power and your boundaries. Who truly love you enough to be mindful and aware of their own weaknesses — So, as not to feel temped to try to take advantages of you or take you for granted.


I know what I said about the Cross previously will causes outrage among believers. But I will not apologize for saying what needs to be said. The world has change and people have become more creative and advance in their thoughts. Yet, when it comes to important matters like that of religion, spirituality, finance, and politics (huge influential subjects). People still choose to bypass or be ignorant about its rippling effect. This ignorant will become humanity downfall if we let this continue. Can you imagine a delusional psychopath leader — With access to world destroying weapons such as: nuclear bombs and bioweapons such as a virus worst than COVID — is delusional enough to think he is doing his duty for “God” to make us extinct?

There are already enough people too lost to tell right from wrong. Those current world leaders I mentioned, are just the obvious ones. There many that can rise to replace them. They are in their positions because they are allowed to be so — by us. How many more allowance will we give them and their supporters? How many can we bare? What happens when one of them decide to recreate “God” and retold His story with their own twist and teach it to all the fools that choose to listen and act out? Or just to people who is not privileged to have been educated to know otherwise — Thus, does not know any better?


The day I know this book is part of my purpose and missions in this realm. I was terrified of the things I must say, the things I must share, the questions I must ask, the warnings I must give, and the actions I must take. Knowing how the world was not ready for it back then. How I was not ready to do what I know I must do back then. Every day, I tried to find a “loophole” that would allow me to justify why I am not the right fit for the mission. Why Source need someone else. Why this world need someone else to course correct it.

But as events unfold to align with the subjects and topics I have addressed. As horrific truths are unburied and the great “shake off” and “cleansing” begin. I begin to realize how selfish I was, to choose to allow my fear to hold me back from doing what I am made for. As lost souls are “shaken off” and great force rain down upon this realm to bring in changes. The calling of my soul became unbearable.

Therefore, I took the dive into the acceptance of what I can no longer deny. The day I accepted my Destiny, means I accepted that there will be horrific wounds I must recut into — to open, cleanse, and drain out the infections inside. There will be battles I will have to fight. There will be backlashes I will have to endure. There will be personal injuries I will incur. While doing some inflicting damages myself — on those who needs more, than just gentle supportive encouragement to pay attention in class.

If that is what it takes to help those who needs help to evolve. If it means the suffering will stop. If it means that a few more people will find their way home and experience again what I remember. Recognize again, what it means to appreciate the blessings we are given. Know again, the kind of complete love, joy, and happiness that we are meant to feel from the gift of “life”. So be it.

Therefore, I am NOT being disrespectful to anyone or their beliefs — for sharing what I must share. For pointing out what I must point out. I am being practical and realistic with what I must work with. Sometimes people are confused between believed truths and actual higher truths. There is a difference — It is time to clarify it.

Just because you attached yourself to a truth, doesn’t mean you understand it. There’s a difference in understanding an idea and experiencing.” –a message directly from the beyond.



Andalasia Anon

I overheard that I was **destined** to be “Spiritual”. But no anyone ever tells me I can **BE** “Spiritual” coming into life.