ASR: B14: Chapter 11: What Makes Us Think “Spiritual” Has Immunity To Corruption?

Andalasia Anon
12 min readJun 5, 2022

With incredible “gifts” such as those I have previously described. Why have I had such a hard life? If I have been aware at an early age of my ability to create whatever I want or need, why do I keep coming up short? If I can sometimes read people so well, why have I been hurt so badly by lies, manipulations, life changing betrayals? If I can see the future, or know the answers to things before they happen, then why am I such a victim of life’s ironies?


Two reasons: One, to experience all dimensions at the same time. To have all the pieces of the puzzles before me in this current time. Therefore, allows me to take from their experiences to piece together what I need to understand of the bigger picture. I was blocked, distracted, and redirected. Because I must suffer first-hand to recognize and clear the “clutters and distractions” to see deeper into the picture than what is on the surface. Every time I suffer an incident, events, or trials in my life. I am privileged to new insights on where things need to change and where the problem lies. My gifts highlight the root of problems and the illusions I was taught after each experience…to give me insights into greater truths and higher wisdom.

I am not here on vacation; I have a higher purpose to serve and goal to achieve (as we all do). Thus, my gifts are tools to help me fulfill my duties and reminds me of what I must do. Its purpose is not to make it too easy for me because if it is — then my life would not be designed so I would even need to have those gifts as a guide. If my life is easy, I would forget the suffering of others and live selfishly thinking only of myself. Therefore, care not if others crease to exist — and doomed to be damned by themself. Nor can I understand why the higher power who has the power to obliterate us…would choose not to do so. Would choose to suffer at our hands to save us. That kind of love and devotion is something humanity seek to have, seek to give, but struggles to understand and embrace fully.


It was made impeccably clear upon my journey to acceptance by the higher power — that nor I…as an individual or any “God” send our way…is sent to be your problem solver. Because it is not our lessons to learn and our problems to solve. If we do so in your place, we would only contribute to your problem by allowing you to get away with your lessons. Thus, hindering you from earning the wisdoms, you would need to move beyond it.

Think about it. Can you imagine what I can do with millions or billions of dollars at my disposal? For someone who see a hundred-thousand-dollars diamond as just a rock, that has equal value to me as any other rock. As someone who see a branded purse or a fancy car, not as a desired objects I want to decorate myself with — to prove something or create an image. But as the ability to keep another child from the fate of starvation or another elderly from being homeless. I do not believe in Heaven nor Hell, and the “Gods” that I know — cannot be suck up to.

So, can you imagine what I can do with those millions and billions of dollars? With little needs for myself, and no desire for personal gain. Personal gain of any forms, be it recognitions from my peers or the Gods. Therefore, I want to help not in exchange for a gain…But because I purely just want to see less suffering in our world. Hence, until I started “remembering” bits and pieces of who I really am. There are times I feel so helpless. So frustrated, so resentful of the higher power for not doing anything about the current situation of our world.

Because I know that if my situations were to change, I can do so much with my gifts (not just my spiritual gifts). Therefore, I know how much suffering I can lift. Thus, I am often haunted by guilt and by questions such as: Why am I not allowed to do more? I am equipped with the necessary abilities to do more…but restricted from doing so — why? Why do I have gifts, yet unable to use them as I would want to? As others have taught me, how they can use theirs?

Why would source put a restriction on my abilities after showing me its power? If I am not meant to use it — would it not be better for me to have no knowledge of it? So, why show me what I am capable of…only to not allow me to do anything I want? If I can manifest winning lottery numbers, why am I prevented from being able to buy a ticket? There are things that I have thought of, have seen, and have witnessed from other realms, that can bring great changes to the world. Yet, I am prevented from access to the resources to create them — why?


Questions like those haunted me for a while. Haunted me even more so in the last five or so years as I journey into my path of acceptance. Recently a few “dreams” clarified the answers to some of those haunting questions and put it to rest.

Yes, I can solve all your problems. But then…what would you learn from it? What would be the purpose for your journey into this realm of existence? If I protect you from the consequences of all your mistakes. You will not learn to recognize what you have done wrong — right? Also, we are given what we have — to see what we will do with it. To see how we handle having it — or not having it. To test us. To examine us and see how we truly understand the lessons we are here to learn.


Two: simply because I have hope and faith in people. I know what people are capable of, thus I have hope that they would not choose to be the person that they have shown. I have hope that they would realize that every action has consequences. I have hope they choose to give and care a little more. Be a little kinder to those around them because they realize we are all connected. Every time we hurt someone, we hurt a little of ourselves as well. Though we can block it and do not consciously know it. Our soul will know. It can feel it because it exists on a different plane and follows a different set of principles than the physical us.

I am here to learn and to try to understand the lessons source deem I need. Those gifts allowed me the ability to have other perspectives. Hence, to compare and be a base for me to differentiate the different perspectives by. To have insights into past consequences, present impacts, and future problems that will arise. To help educate and inform others to help me help them.

My life is designed this way to help me understand the people of this realm and why we are here. It is also designed to help me understand the positions of the higher entities that loves and guides us. My gifts are “bridges” that allows me to stay anchored and grounded to the higher realm, so I do not forget who I am. So that I can remember what I am here to do when it is my time.

It is not to be used as a cheat code for the lessons I am supposed to learn. Because if they are, then I would not be sealed from the knowledge of its existence on purposes. Nor would I be disciplined so severely — to the point that I learned to use them with extreme cautions. Extreme mindfulness, due to the consequences of my explorations.


In hindsight, everything in my life makes so much sense now. When you spend your whole life dodging one calamity after another. You sometimes become too focused on the physical factor of “dodge and move out of the way,” to clearly process what you hear or see. You act on higher instincts and senses to survive. Though, you clearly hear everything and see everything that is coming your way — you do not have time to stop, process, and organize the information.

You sense it is coming…and on higher instincts…you move out of its way. You do not think about how you know it is coming. Or why your body moved before you even realize you have done so. The process and procedures are not important, just surviving. How you survived what you did, is an afterthought: Live then learn.

The seemingly endless calamity in my life that I once consider are curses. Because it sets me apart from everyone — is ironically the main reason why I am like everyone. Because of the endless calamity, I was distracted. I was redirected away from “spirituality”. Away from the overwhelming influences of the old templates that dictates and trap so many for so long here. Distracted and redirected, also to keep me from being whirlwind into the “spiritual craze” as the idea catch on.

As source forces evolution and allow the “gates” to ascensions to open for the “coming of age” for the people of this realm. Because of the opening of the “gates” to the spiritual realm into this one. People are being awakened in the masses. Awakened to the awareness of who they are and what they are here to do. The opening of the gates to that awareness also mean people will be susceptible to the influences of not just the higher entities of other realms, but also the lower entities as well.


Let me ask you. How do you tell a “devil” from an “angel”? Do you seriously think that like in the movies, one wears dark and one wear white — so you can easily differentiate them? From my collections of physical experiences in this realm. I can say I have seen “evil” wearing very beautiful and angel-like suit of flesh, that can get away with murder easily. Other people have easily and willingly allowed themselves to be torture or die at their hands — thinking it is blessings. I have also seen angels risking much to help and tried so hard to make differences. Yet, stunned for their surface appearances merely due to the shallowness of the human ego and what it was taught.

Those examples illustrate some people’s physical inabilities to properly judge and know what is “good” and what is “bad.” So, if two people stand before us. We can physically see them. We can also see their actions and reactions. Yet, we can ignore and bypass the wrong doings of a beautiful face, and devalue the well-meaning actions, of those we deem is unattractive. What make you think your “beautiful” spiritual experiences and influencers cannot be disguises?

If we can be blind to see what is right in front of us. How can we see with clarity things, we cannot even see? Therefore, how can so many people be so sure that what they know or teach — is the thing they are supposed to do? Spiritual experiences are pretty “new” to many who are just awakening. Or to many who are not even awaken yet — but is experiencing spiritual events due to the changes in the new grid.

So again, I ask the overwhelming number of “spiritual” coaches and teachers all over social media. What makes you think, what makes you completely trust in yourself? Have you investigated yourself enough to know what your weaknesses are? Have you investigated your true motive for doing what you do? Are any of your weaknesses partial or wholly influential in the way you receive your experiences, or taught it to others?

How different are our approaches today to spiritual enthusiasm and the original past religious enthusiasts? For thousands of years, we have allowed our beliefs in religions to be double-edged swords. On so many levels we have allowed our beliefs and obsessions to derailed us from our spiritual achievements and have suffered much because of it. Therefore, I ask: what makes our enthusiasm for spirituality immune to the same factors that corrupted the religions of the world?


I mean no disrespect when I ask those questions. I say it with deep curiosity. I have experienced miraculous spiritual events almost my whole life. So, I have an intimate understanding of the spiritual realms. I know for a fact that some of those “miraculous” events in my life. They are not all directed and influences by higher entities of that realms for my highest good and wellbeing. It should not be a surprise that with the abilities to access links to the higher realms, we are also susceptible to open links to the lower realms as well.

Therefore, to all the newcomer to “spirituality” — are you sure you know enough to trusts in all that you are exposed to and experienced? I, of all people, should have no doubts about spirituality. Being spiritual coming into life — It is written in my DNA. It is my natural core. Therefore, I should have no problem in trusting it. No problem in believing all my experiences is originated from the higher realm for my highest good.

But I learned — to have doubts because I was given exposure to experiences both. So, I can know the difference, therefore ask the kind of questions I need to ask. Thus, learned to be more mindful, aware, and to questions the origin of my experiences. The abilities to differentiate high wisdoms and experiences from its’ source and what I want to believe — Is the reason why my life is designed so harshly. Why I have gifts but is not allowed to use it carelessly.

Yes, I have gifts. But being blocked from access at will and being taught that it is not “real.” Nor can it be use lightly due to the terrible backlashes. Also, with powerful forces stepping in to create extraordinary “distractions” and redirections — To keep me from the physical “spiritual” path that I could have easily embraced. A path I am naturally drawn to even as a child. Therefore, it must mean my gifts are not given to me so I can use it to take shortcuts.

I am usually kept too busy and distracted to think much about spirituality in the physical realm. Therefore, most time I am kept in ignorance of what is taught about spirituality until about 10 years ago. Most of my “spiritual” experiences come like smacks-in-the-face to keep me on my toe and aware it is there. It is real, but I was not given time to learn or process it to understand what was happening to me. Because it was not yet my time to step into my role, designing my life this way gives me a chance to live a somewhat “normal” life. To be “normal” so I can understand what it means to be a peer of this realm.


Because of my spiritual gifts and my intimate encounter with true human nature by experiences. I know what people are like, but I choose to hope they would prove me wrong. That what I know about them, is just me being “judgmental” and not who I know they consciously chooses to be.

Let me say again, ignorant can sometimes be a blessing because for example: The lies that you do not know will hurt less than the ones that you do. Because when you do not have the knowledge that you are being intentionally deceived…You do not know any better to be wounded by it. Sometimes, the cut is swift, and the pain passes quickly. The shock and surprise reactions, help make the pain lessen when you do find out.

But when you know it, sitting in waiting for the knife to sink inches by slow inches — knowing it is intentionally done to inflict maximum pain. It hurts more because you do not have the element of surprise as a barrier to distract you from the pain. As I have said before, sometimes the fear that comes from what we do not know…is less petrifying than that which we do know.

Because we know, because we have lived through the events, and because we have been hurt by the experiences — that we are afraid to have to go through it again. If we have survived the first time by pure luck. We fear that luck would not be there the next time, and we would not come out alive. Thus, unintentional actions and reactions necessitated by events and life situations the first time is forgivable.

But when the same choices are repeatedly made time and time again…It is hard to carry the hope that someone is better than what they want to be. Thus, with my gifts I can see people’s potential. I know for a fact that they have choices, and I hope they can choose wisely. For the sake of those in their environment that is connected, and dependent upon them. For their own sake, I pray to see them succeed in recognizing the privileges they take for granted.

Because at the end of the day. I am shown that not even the “Gods” can save us from ourselves.



Andalasia Anon

I overheard that I was **destined** to be “Spiritual”. But no anyone ever tells me I can **BE** “Spiritual” coming into life.