ASR: B14: Chapter 12: Plagiarizing Other People’s Wisdoms — Doesn’t Make It Ours

Andalasia Anon
8 min readJun 12, 2022

There are times when life become overwhelming and during my bleakest moment I have asked, “Why? Why me?”. I do not want those “gifts” and do not want to be on this path. Do not want all those lessons that makes my life so hard. Why are they bestowed upon me when I know for a fact so many people desperately seek it? Why does the higher power feel I need to be on this path and have taken extreme measures to force me to stay on it?

It frustrates me to no end, to feel so helpless and trapped. I know how strong I am, I know what I am capable of…That is what makes it even more frustrating. Makes it so suffocating to know that no matter how hard I fight. How strong I think I am; I am not stronger than my destiny and the unmovable forces that governs me. Being a fighter, I do not want to give up easily. But I learned the more I struggle, the more I fight, the tighter the chains that holds me.

I have also tried surrendering to what I know. But learned that source does not want me to just settle either. It wants me to do more. It does not want me to just be “spiritual” nor just be “human”. It wants me to be both so that I can have clarity in my road ahead. So that I can share my experiences and share the things they have taught me about this path we are on.

For a long time, I have learned to resent my “gifts” and resented the powerful forces that governs my life. Then I “settled,” because after being put in my place time and time again. I realize how pointless it is to fight battles with powerful forces that can create or destroy lives with little effort. Fight battles I do not understand, only to learn that everything was done for my highest and greatest good.

Now, at this point in my life. Though I have some reservations due to all that happened to me. Due to my desire to live a more comfortable and less trying physical life. I have come to accept and understand why I, myself, must also make the effort to be on the path that has always been mine to begin with. I know now I was given those “gifts” not as any kind of reward, entitlement, or curse. They are essentials to my journey.

Through them, I learn to become the person I needed to be to fulfill my purpose for being here. Learn to understand humanity’s hardships so I can have insights and be compassionate. So that I am also able to empathize and sympathize. So that I can walk a mile in your shoes. To be able to speak to you from your perspective and tell you what you needed to hear. Instead of what you wanted to hear.

Saying you understand something does not mean you do. Words comes by very easy for a lot of people of this world — And because the ability to talk is a common gift. We tend to abuse it because we can. Pretend insight is not true wisdom, so do not be fooled. Just because someone can sound wise by plagiarizing other people’s wisdoms. Or what they have read or seen — does not mean they practice…Nor mean they understand…the deeper depth of the insight or wisdom they speak of.


As our physical world is aging, we are moving into a new stage. As with any stage there is cautions to be taken. Here is what I have learned: Life is meant to be lived, things are meant to happen, and your reactions and actions matters. We are human being not “Gods,” and should not play “God”. We are who we are for a reason. When we pretend to be someone we are not — We risk letting ourselves get lost within the maze call “life”.

We are given some privileges, but it does not mean we are all mindful of our lessons and know how to use those privileges for the right reason. Like two side of every coin, privileges given to us are a double-edged sword: When used right — it will fulfill its purpose in giving us strength and confident. When wrong, it will be destructive. It breeds greed, fused our ego, and then feed our endless hunger for power. Power is addictive…and to those who do not understands its true purpose for existing — it is destructive.


“Lifetimes” of direct experiences and lessons have taught me to see that most species are still too young to understand the gift we are given. Understand its value. If we are, we would not wish nor believe that we are “Superior divine being” just because we are given some extra ordinary abilities. Power in the hands of a person with the inability to resist their own nature to stay selfless. To be objective when needed, and to overcome personal hardship, tragedy, and pain — turn many corrupted. Once corrupted there is no inhabitation left to resist against the hunger for power. Hence, no personal will — to stop them from doing whatever it takes to get what they want. Or justify how they will receive it or get it.

Many people in our history like Hitler and Mao Zedong are perfect example of why humanity is unsuitable for the power and knowledge we seek. Humanity is far too easily poisoned by our basic nature: selfishness, self-preservation, ego, ambition, lust, desire, pride, hate, greed… and etc. We hunger for the powers of the Gods; we inspired to be “divine” but we do not understand what we blindly seek.

We romanticize and glorify their surface attributes such as, their power and abilities. Yet, ignore their true powers: Their abilities to understand and accept higher wisdoms. Also, their abilities to hold raw power instead of use it. Because we like to take shortcuts and jump to results regardless of consequences. We do not have the discipline and wisdoms to embrace and accept what we seek. Being immature and inexperienced to understand the responsibilities that goes along with having such power — and lack of training to be able to hold such power. We can be possessed by its to self-destruct.


As it is fact in our history books, power poison the heart of humanity. The more we are given, the more we want and the more we will suffer. We are not humble, self-aware, and wise enough to respect, value, and understand our gift for what it really is: A test.

Easily flattered by pride and ego, reckless by nature. Given very little abilities (manifestation) and already we are jumping into the conclusion that we are superior divine beings — and not children still growing into ourselves. How can we handle more? Ruled by undisciplined desire and impulses. That drives us to become irresponsible and selfish enough to disregard even the most obvious of consequences.

In our impatient quest to seek for the keys to access our full potential — we skip, jump, and cheats our way towards it. Thus, when we get there, we are not able to wield our full potential because we cannot handle it. We have missed most of the important lessons that was needed to prepare us for its acceptance. The goal we achieved is then useless and destructive in our hands. Because we do not know how to wield it for what it is meant for. Thus, our extraordinary abilities and advancement is timed and limited.

For we cannot handle more without destroying ourselves. Or allowing ourselves to be destroyed by it. Yet, many of us are unable to resist the temptation for the search. Too consumed by greed, pride, curiosity, optimism, enthusiasm, and gloriously romanticized visions of those “powers” and what it can do…to give up the search for its secrets.

How many innocents blood stains the hands of our human version of “Gods”? For examples: the Kings, the Lords, the Emperors, the Sultans, and the governments of history. How much bloods have been shed by their mere believes? Or their physical make-up such as hormones imbalances, mood swing, childish tantrum, mindless unawareness, and reckless ideal whims?

Because some of us cannot handle pain or disappointments. Because we lack disciplines to resist desires and temptations; no matter how small and pitiful it is. How much blood has been shed by undisciplined dark desire, lust, greed, ego, inquisitiveness, and pure selfishness?


The rulers in our history declares themselves “Gods” and “Goddesses” with imaginary power entrusted and given to them by their own peers. Yet, the innocent blood they have shed stains the pages of our history. Painted our history in horrific tragedies and suffering. Can you imagine what the damage, one with real powers of a real “God” can do?

If Mao Zedong, a mortal like you and I — can kill 45 million or more with the power entrusted and given to him by his own peer. What do you think this man would do with the power of a God…and no higher power to answer to? No mortality to limit his existence and standing in the way of even more blood to shed? Can you imagine someone like that with the power to cripple someone’s life — or the world with a single thought? Especially, a careless thought.


Can you imagine a human with the power to take away life with the most tender, briefest of touch? The power to shatter a soul with its deepest darkest fear just because they can. I shiver to imagine any human being, myself included, bestow with such power.

My whole life, I was shown my abilities, and with each ability that surfaces. I find it is hard to ground the human ego. Hard to resist the temptation to abuse the gifts. Hard to resist the urge to give into the seductive desire of darkness that lies within the human heart and mind. When life’s lessons and tests become too brutal, and I think myself desperate — that is when the true struggle begin. That is when the ultimate test of who you truly are comes through.

Every day until the day I take my last breath. Every test I pass there will be another to follow that will be harder; that will weight deeper; that will cause me to feel more desperate than the one previous. It took a lot for me to be here today, and unlike yesterday. As I physically age, the tests are getting harder, but physically I am getting weaker. My physical comfort will play itself as the ultimate final test. Will I allow natural physical deterioration of mortality to corrupt my core nature and ties me to this world or can I let it go and ascend?



Andalasia Anon

I overheard that I was **destined** to be “Spiritual”. But no anyone ever tells me I can **BE** “Spiritual” coming into life.