ASR: B15: Chapter 1: Life Is About The B.S-es

Andalasia Anon
9 min readJul 5, 2022

The Gods does not need worshippers because they do not view us as inferior to them. If “God” really exist, does “God” really need all those churches, temples, cathedrals, and mosques? Have “God” really asked us to build them? Why? “God” needs a house? Even if so, does He really need it painted in gold and left empty; when there are children that needs to be fed and homeless people that needs a roof?

What need of “God” to receive anything from us? We are taught that “God” is our creator, the creator of all things? Thus, capable of creating anything we can possibly offer. So, who taught us that the “Gods” in our religions needed all the sacrifices and offerings we must give?


This is what I have learned from the higher power that I have come to understand during my journey so far about the natural “God” behind our “Gods.” The one that so many misunderstood and misinterpret. More refine than any “God” we can ever imagine up. This higher power does not need our approval or confirmations to be what it is. It has no need of extravagant, fame, or fortune. Unlike our world leaders of past and present such as: kings, governments, or the leaders of religious figures. The false versions we called “God” who is only a symbol of power.

Thus, need to be “dressed-up” and a big show of “power” display is needed to impress followers. This higher power IS power. So, what need is it to march before us in extravagant to show off a status that does not need to be contested? What use do this power need with followers and worshipers? What need is it to this higher entity to have people believe in it? If it wanted an army like us, would it not just be easier to create one? If our creator wanted us to think alike. Our creator would not have created brains for each of us…and give each of us the ability to make conscious willful decision for ourselves.

We have all seen the awesome power of natural disasters. Therefore, if this higher entity wants us dead — We. Will. Be. Make no mistake. There is no medication, food, exercises, or prevention method for death (without being damned). No matter what our studies shows about the medications we take and food we eat. Or the practice we choose to live by in hope that we can prolong and prevent our life from ending. We will die when we are meant to die.

The studies that we spend millions and billions of dollars on to prolong this succession is nothing but an illusion of what we choose to believe it to be. We do not need to physically die to be dead. We do not need to be sick or old to die. We can be in “perfect” health and living the perfect life when our plane crash or a car lose control. Or a mosquito bite carrying something our body can not handle, and that will be the end of it.

Or an asteroid fell out of the sky. Or the sun suddenly becomes too intense — or crease to exist altogether. Or our brain stops working. Our studies can say whatever we choose to believe. Due to our tendency to lean toward bias confirmations. It is easier for us to accept or try to confirm that which would agrees with our believes or benefit us. That suits our way of thinking or to economically gain.


A small population of us will live a little longer if we believe in all the studies that was made — and live by the results that it shows. Because we have the privileges to inquire it. But a greater number have proven to still exist and living to the ripe old age of a hundred doing the total opposite of all that studies.

Life’s events are unpredictable and is not meant to be predicted. Just because we are told that something can be prevented, does not mean it is preventable. Even if we could know exactly all actions and reactions we will make in a day and map it out. The word “accident” and “mistake” would not have been invented. If it does not happen, despite all the precautions we can take.

Absolute Control is an illusion. Unless we live in a bubble; our existence is interconnected to many variables that are not ours to dictate. Even if we do live in a bubble, the very air within that bubble is not ours by right to control. The particles of our very essence were given to us. Thus, can be taken away by the force that gave it to us — at any time.

By the mere fact that we are alive, exposes us to all the vulnerabilities of life’s unpredicted aspects and the unavoidable factor call: Death. Death is easy. There are more ways to die than there are ways to live an easier life. How we choose to live life, does not stop it from ending when it is our time. Those who chooses to give it up early, have no idea how precious a gift life really is and what is beyond it.


In the history of humanity, we have suffered much to learn the lesson we are all here to learn. Many of our actions and reactions in history up to this present time are the by-product of that trauma we went through. Religions are good examples of that by-product of life’s suffering. We attached ourselves to our beliefs because sometimes life is just too harsh. Our lessons are too brutal for us to comprehend without the wisdom and awareness of our true purpose for existing.

After a long journey, I am now very aware of why we are the way we are. But even with everything that I have been given the privileged to learn and come to know. It is still so hard sometimes to try to make peace with all the “obvious” unfairness and trials of life. So hard to stay balance and unaffected by all the misinformation we are taught and are shown. So hard to remember the higher truths. To understand and accept higher wisdoms, when there is overwhelming physical evidence of the glaring “unfairness” of our positions in compared to others.

From personal experiences I can bluntly say: Life is about B.S. How we deal with it, cope with it, and treat those B.S-es will reflect and show how much we have learned. Also, how much we have grown on our journey. There are times I know that if I do not know all that I know. I would be one of the first in line to curse the higher design, because it can be a jerk to decent people.

If I did not know better; I would be convinced life is pointless with all the B.S that we are put through repeatedly — only to die…then to live again, through the same B.S and die again. It is a “pointless” cycle to those who does not know its true meaning. Its true purpose for existing. Nor how to break from it.


So, I UNDERSTAND. Why some give up. Why some lash out at others. Why some self-destruct to stop the “pointlessness” of the cycles they believe will lead no where…but back to the cycles of endless suffering. I am not saying I understand because I can. I am saying it because I have truly experienced those bleak moments.

During dark times…there are LOTS of those. Believe me when I say. If the “Gods” everyone taught me; exist in the form and personality, they taught me to believe in. In the form I would LIKE to believe in. I would call Him or Her an “Ass” or much worst despite the threat of eternal damnation for my disrespect.

Prior to all that I have come to understand now, I was taught to believe I am already damned by my very creation. If I believe what I was mis-taught to know about the “Gods.” That other people expect me to believe in; my faith in those “Gods” would have died long ago. And bitterness and darkness would be the only thing I can see in this never-ending cycle of B.S.

But because I learn to not believe. To not have faith in those illusions that I am unable to shake off the natural truth of what I come to know. Thus, allowed me to continue my journey despite the harsh environment or obstacles standing in my way. This is how I come to understand why the test must be so brutal and relentless. Only when the tests are brutal and relentless can we see who is capable of the task given them by the source.


Only when we have passed our trials and learned the lessons we are meant to learn. Can we be whole. Can our avatar synchronize with our soul, and allow us to be all we are here to be. When the two components of us synchronize as one. Allowing us to understand our purposes and reasons for coming onto this journey. Then, can we accept our positions and the role we are here to fulfill.

Stepping into our power without the wisdoms of understanding why we are given the purpose and position we are given to be here. We cannot handle the power of being entrusted with privileges we do not understand nor appreciate. Because without the discipline we learned along our journey to ascensions, we would fall prey to our own nature. Thus, will lead us down the road toward neglect and abuse of our position when we get there.

Hence, will result in learned pain and suffering as we teach each other our bad habits. Bigger mistakes — bigger disasters are results of not understanding the power we are given. If we are allowed to jump and skips through the lessons designed to help us learn what we are here to learn. We would not know how to appreciate the responsibilities that goes with each privilege.


Life is where we can make the smaller mistakes in hope of learning the wisdoms to avoid making bigger ones. I understand this. But coming from a world of complete love. To know that kind of love exist. To know how easy, it can be. It is TOO hard to be untouched by all the suffering and pains I see those I love goes through. I cannot help feeling responsible. Thus, guilty, hopeless, and helpless sometimes. Especially so…when I know I have the power to stop and contain it. Harder still to suffer first-hand, knowing I have the power and abilities to change things — But cannot. Because it is not my place to do so.

Not my choice, nor my responsibilities. Or my lessons to learn. Before I went through the harsh trials and lessons of my life to understand my environments. To understand the people, I am here to help. To understand my position, duties, and responsibilities. I could not believe, accept, and embrace the true powerful gifts I am given. Especially, when I am shown, again and again, how easily it can be stripped from me.

I have wondered, how can such powerful gifts be suppressed so easily? If I am truly as powerful as I am shown and knows. Then, why do I feel so weak, hopeless, and helpless so often. How can the people in my life easily strip me of my abilities? If I am truly as powerful as I am shown, why am I so easily knocked off balance and place into disadvantages positions so often?

I did not understand why source would show me all that I can do, so it can help me understand my strengths. To help me stay confident. Only to show me, how powerless I truly am when faced with an innocent child being abuse and neglect by its own parents — while my hands are tied by my physical position. I did not understand until now that the ability to completely love and be loved that completely — is not something we are entitled too. Not something we can just give and receive. It is something we must learn to do. Something we must earn to understands and cherish.

Hence, why we journey into this realm. Why we live all the lives we live. Why we have all those lessons we must remember. All those wisdoms we must earn and grow into.



Andalasia Anon

I overheard that I was **destined** to be “Spiritual”. But no anyone ever tells me I can **BE** “Spiritual” coming into life.