ASR: B15: Chapter 2: Every Day Is Judgement Day. Not Tomorrow. Not The Day We Die.

Andalasia Anon
10 min readJul 17, 2022

Yes, till today…and maybe for the rest of my life, even with all that I know. There will still be days that sometimes life becomes too overwhelming. In moments of bone wariness and spiritual fatigue: I would start to re-question the wisdoms that I was taught by the higher power. A higher power that I have come to intimately know. Days when my body aches painfully with every movement I make, and my mind are numb from suffering…yet I still forces myself to move forward.

In those moments, even now knowing the answers to most of the “whys.Understanding and respecting…why things must be as they are. I cannot help doubting myself. Therefore, re-questionings and re-asking: Why? Why was I pushed to the state I am in? Is it necessary to strip me of so much, while “rewarding” others so easily? Those are the days where I wonder if maybe what I was taught by my guardians…are nothing but my own twisted delusions. That maybe I have suffered too much. So, I have twisted my experiences to be more than it is — to cope with all the B.S-es of life.

From all the “obvious” examples of people being spoiled to rotten…and still, they get everything they want. Makes me doubt, makes me wonder, and makes me questions…if my higher wisdoms are legit. Or is it just me avoiding the fact that I might not be as smart as everyone else. That is why I must go through all those things I had to go through…and suffer the way I did.

Therefore, I had to twist my “truths” to make myself feel better. Because it is just too sad to accept the reality that maybe…some people’s destined fate is to have nothing but suffering in their life. That life really is unfair and unjust…and the higher entities that govern it — Is as shallow as their projected shadows here in this realm. That maybe I am too naïve, innocent, and delusional to still have my beliefs. Still have my childhood wishes.

To wish for the world to be a just and fairer place. To want to make this world a better place for decent people who are genuinely trying hard. To hope one day, genuine acts of kindness, love, and generosity…can be widely spread and appreciated. Can be daily inspirational examples we see every day. Instead of being lessons that forces good people to learn to mistrust, to be afraid, and to suffer. Suffer because some people can choose to be mindless, inconsiderate, self-absorbed, and self-centered — just because they can. And because it is easier for us to let them be so.


Yes, some days those thoughts arise to make me question what I have been taught by source. But before those thoughts could completely be form and transform into bitterness, resentment, and envy. It is interrupted by sudden new clarifications for my role and my purposes for being here.

It was one of those days that I realized “God” was not “punishing” me when I am pushed to stretch my limit. I was pushed to be taught higher wisdoms. To accelerate my ascension process. To achieve something greater than what I am taught I can be. If we are not pushed beyond our selfish motives: With nothing to lose and nothing to gain. We cannot become objective and see the world differently than what we are taught: which is to want. Instead of: To appreciate.

Higher lessons are often buried beneath “clutters” of what is taught as “supposed to be. As “obvious,” and what is “apparent — that is why this reality…why mortality is the perfect boarding school for the soul.


In the old templates many people live their life trying to prove they are a “good” person in order to be worthy of their “Gods”. They live in wait for the day they die, or for the mystical “Judgement Day”. Thinking that “God” is a “man or woman” like themselves. Limited too by time and space. Limited by our physical mortal characteristics. Limited by the same restrictions and abilities as the mortal rulers, we are taught are their representatives.

Not realizing that “God” is not restricted by a three-letters word. Nor by all that we are taught it is to be, by those who create that word and give it the definition it got. No real “God”, with the ability to create us, thus know what we are like. Would waste time sitting upon a majestic throne allowing us to try…to sweet talk and justify our ways out of the things that is unjustifiable.

So why set ‘The Big Day’? It would be tiring and all-consuming to condense all that work into one specific day. Why can judgment day not be every day? Every day we are tested and every new day; till the day we die, we are given a new opportunity to improve ourselves. Every breath we take — till the very last is that gift.

The higher power that creates us did not create us to be perfect. Because it wanted us to understand and appreciate…what it means to grow and ascend into our strength and wisdoms. So that we can understand how to cherish and come to know, how to appreciate the things we are given. Some of us are given a whole lifetime, to learn what it means to be a better person. If we cannot learn it — because we choose not to be taught, then there are no excuses for what awaits us.


With the kind of power our creator has, it is not necessary to waste precious time listening to excuses. I am here, in a sense — just like you, no more special or more significant than you. I recently realize we are all blessed with the abilities to sense this higher power within our life. But some of us just choose to ignore it, because it is easier to let someone else think for us. Someone else plans for us, and someone else speak for us. Someone else to take the blame for us.

Easier to listen to what we want to hear over what we need to hear. When we do wrong, we know it is wrong deep within us. If we do not know it, then there are signs. There are people all around us who can tell us, that we are in the wrong. Those resources are available to us, but some of us just choose to ignore or bypass it. Yes, unlike some people I am more sensitive to those signs.

However, is it because I am really gifted with special abilities that you do not have? Or is it because I am just less distracted by the superficial? Therefore, I learn to be more in tune. So, I hear and see better because I am more mindful and aware. Maybe, all those claiming to have special abilities, are just those paying more attention to their lessons than those who choose to lack off.


Because I am like you, I know first-hand what it is like to bow to temptation. To be seduced by greed, and to be render helpless to self-preservation. I have tasted the dark side of human nature. Have indulged in the wide range of humanity’s obsessions and illusions. Therefore, have experienced and suffered the consequences as a result.

Just like all those born into this physical realm, I have errors, made horrible mistakes, indulged, and have had to live with the consequences of those mistakes all my life. I am sure until my time in this realm is done, I will continue to make more mistakes as I journey this path. Though I can only hope, I am wise and smart enough, to always make new ones. Instead, of repeating myself.


Also, because I am like you, that I understand now…why the higher power would never flaunt before us. The “Devil” can appear before us: to temp us, to test us, and to teach us what we are capable of. While Source, our “Godwould not do so…unless to clarify to those who seek truth. Those whose heart and soul is genuine.

Because only those who are genuine and pure of heart and soul, will not twist higher truths and wisdoms being taught to them. Also, if someone is true of heart and soul: they are open to learn, to accept, and to understand the true purpose of their connections to source. Will understand why source does not need a physical presence in this realm. Will understand and respect why source must do what we cannot do.

Will also understand too, that if there is an encounter. It is not to glorify. Not to verify, nor to enhance our believe in source’s existence. The higher power exist as is. It neither want nor need…our approval to be what it is. To have a consistence face we can pray to. To have a profile we can worship, and to be present as a physical figure we can influences — would defy the higher lessons that are designed for us.


For example, the higher power is an entity of pure power with limitless benevolent. If it were to stand before us in human form, hearing us beg in desperation. 1) If it gives in, due to the influences of its nature. Due to the pressure of situations and peers, it would have done us more harm than good. Because helping us when we are not ready to be helped…Will just resulted in us — Not learning to truly understand and appreciate the help given. Thus, the result would be teaching us to learn to take its presence and its offer for granted — which we have been doing all along with the “Gods” in our religions.

Some of us will also be taught to ask because we can. Because it is easier to simply ask, then try to invest any kind of effort into learning the lessons being taught. Easier to run our mouth to talk, make excuses, and defend those excuses…Than to make effort to listen, hear, and do what needed to be. With the privileges and ability to ask; some of us will not learn to push ourselves beyond the limit we are taught. We would not learn to self-reflect to realize where we went wrong. Or what we can do better. Or how we can improve ourselves. Nor, to accept and own the mistakes we have made so we can improve and be wiser than we were.

It is a normal practice and templates in this realm, that to some people — if we are given a choice. We will always choose the ones that is easiest for us…regardless of the rippling consequences of that choice to anyone else. Therefore, if we have a choice in asking for something and be given it. We would abuse that privilege instead of trying. If we can bypass or run from a hard decision or choice, we will choose to do so. Thus, disabling ourselves from the abilities to face our problems or build tolerance toward any lessons we are being taught.


On the other hand: 2) If the higher power stood before us and turn away from our “desperate” cry for help…it would be a devastating blow to us. Some would not be wise enough to accept and understand that it did it — for us. Thus, take it the wrong way and be taught to suffer more than needed. They would twist the good intentions because they cannot understand it. Then, because of it, they will suffer. Then pass that mis-taught suffering onto others.

Our reactions to what we misperceived…would teach us, to abuse and take advantages of the blessings of being — in the presence of source instead of appreciative. For example: Some people in their ignorant would act childish as a reaction to source’s good intentions. By twisting source’s good intentions and action into a “wrong” action against them. So, in reactions, they give a tantrum believing it will gain the reaction they wanted. Because they have learned from being spoiled before that it would yield their desired result.

Therefore, if the creator gave in once, some of us will be taught it will give in again. Because humanity is arrogant, self-absorb, and self-centered by nature. Thus, we would learn to try to manipulate it to our ways. Into acting in ways that we believe — we can influence its decision and actions toward us. Hence, be taught to believe we can get away with things we should not be getting away with.

As some of us — have already been taught to learn and apply to some religious and spiritual “wisdoms”. Or as some people have already learned just in our different reactions and actions against governmental rules and regulations. Or even our own daily interactions with each other.

Not only will some of us think up many ways to try to take advantage of (God’s) source’s presence in our lives. We would also use “God’s neglect” or “abandonment” — as excuses to intentionally do wrong as a reaction to “God’s action”. To go down the wrong path, and then to blameGod” for the choice we choose to make. As we have done many times already, in the past with our wars in the name of God or religion.


To another human, we can pretend to be a “good” person. But to the higher power who created us — Its knows all our flaws. So, why do you think it will not take preventatives measures to keep us in check?

We have proven repeatedly throughout our history. Through our daily common behaviors, actions, and interactions today. That we have not reach the level of wisdoms and maturity we would need to live among a true “God.” Among the ascended and divines. Those examples I gave are common basic human behaviors, actions, reactions, and consequences to the gifts we are given — just knowing there is a “God” we can pray to. Just having such knowledge can do that much damage shown in our historical records.

How can we be satisfied living in complete love and harmony? When our basics of basic human nature rage constantly out of control. When we are constantly in wants, craving, and seeking what we cannot appreciate and understand yet. It would be devastating to us to have a “God” among us. Or detrimental to be among powerful divine entities when we lack the basic understanding of our humanity. Lack the basic disciplines we would need to be mature and wise. Also, lack the deep appreciations of why we came here upon this realm to journey our path.

So, pace yourself. Do not rush to the end, because of what is mis-taught about the higher realms. Do not be obsessed with seeking an audience with your “God” when you do not even know yourself. Know what “God” you are truly seeking. Because the “Devil” is also aGod”. Just one of the many.



Andalasia Anon

I overheard that I was **destined** to be “Spiritual”. But no anyone ever tells me I can **BE** “Spiritual” coming into life.