ASR: B15: Chapter 4 & Afterword: Every Path Leads To The Same Road

Andalasia Anon
5 min readAug 8, 2022

To all those looking for the end of humanity: Stop looking. You will die before the end — so LIVE. Live life to the best of your abilities. Slow down. We have nowhere to go until our time is up. We already know the beginning and the end. It cannot be changed. Birth is the beginning, and death is the end. So, enjoy the journey.

The beginning has lots of paths for us to choose from. But every path leads to the same road. Opportunities are abundances at the beginnings to tests us upon this journey. But the end equalize all — why? Because our creator wants us to realize that how we begin and end — does not matter. It is what is in between that is. So, enjoy the process — the journey. That is what we are here for.

To all those looking to be judged — you are being judge. To all those who wants to know what “God” looks like: Look into the faces of those you encounter. To all those looking to fear someone: Fear yourself and your lack of resistant to the dark nature of temptation that blinds your ability to see and accept what your soul tells you.

Good and bad exist in all of us, “Free will” is the choice we make that defines who we are.

Be a “good” person because you choose to be — not because someone tells you should you be or scaring you into being.

Do not wish for the life of someone else. Honor, the life that you were given. Because you are especially unique. The effort put into your creation is as much as anyone else. You suffer to learn the lesson your soul is here to learn.

No one is better than you. No one is less than you. We are equal.

We are all here to learn. All here to teach and to be taught.


I think I was chosen to write this book because I am not just an observer sitting in the sideline watching you suffer and prepared to judge you. I am here to know and let you know that I understand, I empathize, I sympathize with your positions. With your hardship, your believes, and your perspectives. But I also know you have the potential for so much more.

Again, I have no pretends in my reason for writing this book: I am not here to show you the roadmap to your mythical heavens. Nor am I here to instruct you on the rules to qualify for an audience with your “God”. I am not here to tell you what to do or how to do it. I am only here, writing this book to share my experiences, share my observations, and share my assessments of the roots of our problems, in hope we can be empowered to help ourselves.

I share my journey, share my struggles to show you that I am only one of millions. One of millions, who struggles and is forced to suffer because of the old templates. Like many, I am just someone who is trying to live life to the best of her abilities. Who have struggle as many of you have, who have suffered as many of you have…to come into the wisdom of being who I am.

I am here to share a journey, open a new perspective and point you in the direction I saw another path. I am not asking people to head that way. I am just asking that you “take a look” and explore your options. Before turning back to the light that have had you hypnotized — and lost within your world for far too long. Do not be another moth drawn to the flames that have already killed those before you.


What you do with this information is up to you. This book is not written to prove or disprove anyone’s theory. Not written with disrespect for anyone regarding their beliefs, cultures, traditions, and teaching — or opinions. It is simply to share another perspective. A hardcore skeptic like myself — understands…the need to ask one’s own questions and seek proof for one’s self. Experienced the truth for oneself. Thus, hate blind fate. So, I do not expect…nor ask for you to believe in everything I have to say.

I am not trying to tell you what to believe in or how to live your life. I am not trying to tell you to follow in my footsteps. Because you cannot, my suit was designed for me. My lessons are what I needed to learn. You have your own path, your own suit, and your own incredible journey.

I am just sharing some realizations I have come to with a fellow traveler. We walked different roads in life, but as we come closer to the end. We will realize the many roads merged to become one. I do not know why my experiences are considered significant enough for this book to be part of its destiny. I just know that it must be written by me for you.


I am the author that pen this book. But this book is not written by me alone. It is written by you — and all those like you and me — who have suffered. Or is still suffering to learn what we are here to learn and do. By all those who have learned and passed the wisdom down to me directly or indirectly. This book might showcase the ordeal — I have personally faced or witnessed.

But humanity have been suffering long before I was born into this life. History have passed this knowledge down from generation to generations. Thus, I alone did not write this book. The wisdom and quotes are not all mine. It is impossible for me to thank everyone personally to whom I owe my wisdom. But I can try to show my appreciation…and this book this my sincere “thank you” for all that you have given me in helping me along in my own journey.

Please note: Some quotes are something I remember, but do not know where it originated from. Most come from my “dreams” or “downloaded” when I needed it to illustrate a point. It does not matter to me who have said the messages first — as long as, the message got through. As long as, the person who passed along the wisdoms…understands and practices what they preach. Passed it down the way it is intended — and not twisted to serve themselves.

The person who said it first, does not mean they are the first. It might only mean they might be the first, to have it written and published it. No one can know for sure if they are. It could have been written first by someone else in another language…or another life for all we know.

This is another problem with our world, we fight over petty nothing. Does it matter who said what first? As long as, the messages reach the right person? And the person is helped by it? But just in case there is someone petty enough to try to take legal action against me, because I do not cite and credit my quotes. I just want you to know this book is credited to EVERYONE and every generation, and every lifetime that the soul was recycled and reused.

I humbly thank you for allowing me to share my journey back to the beginning.



Andalasia Anon

I overheard that I was **destined** to be “Spiritual”. But no anyone ever tells me I can **BE** “Spiritual” coming into life.