ASR: B2: Intro — From the Beginning

Andalasia Anon
3 min readMay 30, 2021

Book 2: Intro — From the Beginning


Our history taught the only way to honour our gods is to offer them what is sacred to us. We offer them food they cannot eat, while there are children starving. We build palaces of gold in hope they will honour us by residing in one of those empty palaces, while there are homeless people on the street. We commit murder of their children and call it selfless sacrifices to justify our cruelty and malicious nature.

Who taught us this? Our peers? Or the “Gods” themselves? If it is the “Gods”, then what kind of Gods are they and what kind of people are we to accept this kind of ruling and demand? To honour such a cruel tyrant — but worst of all, it truly speaks of our nature for us to easily accept this horrendous idealism. How could we be so ignorant as to not questions what is so obvious?

Once upon a time when I believed there is no one to turn to, I was a blind believer. Now I know better. I grew up in a culture that blindly believes in tradition and taught fears that to stray from that which have been taught; or questions what is told, is disrespectful and punishment is backed by the Gods. So, you can be sure, that what I share in this book and the path I took was not the obvious path I have chosen if given a choice like other people.

Yes, for a long time I saw my life as a punishment as was taught by those who does not know any better. But now, I can assure you that any authority that seeks to punish those who seek truth for themselves; is not backed by any divine forces we should be worshiping. However, I caution those who seek knowledge and truth for any other reasons than the purest of intention. Because we do more damage with ignorant of intentions than we do good; when we do not realize the differences between desired truths and natural truth.

“Just because you attached yourself to a truth, doesn’t mean you understand it. There’s a difference in understanding an idea and experiencing.”


This book is written for the common people: for anyone and everyone who choose to read it. For those who does not care for fancy words and format. This is to clarify and simplify just a few points from the complicated text of the old script (that I have yet to encounter — at least in this realm). Frankly, let us be honest. How many people have really understood the messages and teaching in the old script? How many backs when it was written and how many today — actually, can read and understand the complicated languages and symbolism of the old scripts to really understand its true wisdom and teaching?

The road to ascension is NOT reserved only for those who are scholarly or privileged. It is the rights of ALL that are here. Not just for those with the mean and privilege to have access to the physical educations system. So, it is time to re-evaluate what we know. “Scholars” who take offend to what I say, put away your ego. Just being able to read something and knowing its basic meaning does not mean you genuinely understand the true wisdom hidden within the words that are used. Because if being “enlightened” is that easy to grasp there would not be so many misinterpretations. Our history of wars and numerous conflicts existed as the results of many misinterpretations of those that think they understands — but actually — does not. Or is privileged enough to choose to twist its meaning to suit their own nature and ambitions.

If being academic and being able to read and write is the only way to learn and to teach. Half our potential and genetic make up is unnecessary. Insightful diversity and intangible trials are excessive. Because we would not need it to experience our lessons and earn our wisdom. We would need to be here.



Andalasia Anon

I overheard that I was **destined** to be “Spiritual”. But no anyone ever tells me I can **BE** “Spiritual” coming into life.