ASR: B3: Chapter 4: The world NEEDS all type of diversity.

Things as is are hard to translate. Transcribe and pinpoint with a system that is yet advance or experienced enough to understand its true nature. Harder still to not offend those who are unaware and unawaken to the languages of the higher realm.

For a long time, we are taught by “spirituality/religious’ wisdoms” template that the higher realm is a place of indiscriminative love and understanding. That you do not have to do much to be loved and accepted. That it is not even your place to think and be responsible for your thoughts. You only have to obey, follow instructions/guidance/routine — or procedures the way that everyone else before you have done to “deserve” a place in it after life.

This templated way of thinking have given birth to waves of new template that teaches people to be mindless tools — to be easily used by others who want to exploit them.


Now a day, most everyone wants to stand out and shine on this social stage call “life”. Because we are taught to believe we should be more significant and “deserve” to be more important than we are. Being a grain of sand in a sea of beaches; some of us feel so lost to our purpose in life. Thus, we attached ourselves to the idea of important or significant to feel we contribute. We crave attention like a moth to a flame; not realizing that the light we are so drawn to will be the causes of our downfall.

Like that light, many of our past leaders and “experts” are self-proclaimed, ego-driven individuals who looks outwards so much that they lost insight into themselves — and the bigger pictures they are a part of. They teach what they do not fully know as facts; but because they have given us an appearance of confident in what they say or stand for. We ignorantly embrace their sale pitch and marketed image without questionings them objectively — because we are conditioned to do so.

We relied too much on the media hype, the approvals of others, surface appearances, or profile that someone created and published for us to buy — as truth to use as our base foundation to know someone. We indiscriminately discriminate against people without giving ourselves a chance to get to truly know anyone; because we believe only what is sold to us on the surface. We believe only the surface value and what we are taught we can see matters. Because that is what we are templated to perceive things in this realm.

We think just because someone has money and power or looks good in a photo. Or can write or talk well, they are all they say they are. That they are automatically entitled to our admiration and respect. But we do not realize that beneath that surface extravagant and awe-inspiring public face. The money and power come from the blood labors of those who could barely afford to eat a single meal a day due to unfair wages.

Sometimes we forget the small important details when we are blown away by grand extravagant gestures. I wonder how many people ever stop to ask themselves before they become enchanted by someone’s material success and elaborate show of power. How many people have had to endure abuse? How many is working themselves to an early grave for nothing — So those others can be “wowed”?

Can think nothing of spending thousands and millions on meaningless material nothing — like branded clothes, watches, exotic cars, and elaborate parties? How many families have lost loved ones too early? How many families have been silently buried so those mansions, castles, and exotic cars can be bought and shown off?

Side Note: Not all rich people are like this. “Bad” get more media attentions and circulate faster because “bad” news sells more stories and peak interests easier. Hence, media tends to sometimes blow things out of proportion to include all. Causing separation mindset (us vs. them. Pointing fingers and forgetting our own contributions) that turns into discrimination as people are influenced by what they are constantly hearing and seeing.

But to be fair. Not all media news is untrue nor are what they highlighted without reasons. There must be enough of the population acting in such a way or exposed for it to catch on. So, I am talking about only the population that are and the ones trying to imitate them. We should never “group” or categorize “everyone” into “all” because everyone makes their own choices to be who they are. We should take everything we are exposed to with a grain of salt. Give it the respect it should have, thank it for bringing things to our awareness. But learn to think for ourselves, and see for ourselves what is between the lines.


Now a day we are quick to judge and quick to decide the fate of each encounter without really giving it an actual effort to show its’ true potential. Tools such as: profiling, character analyzing, and color profile — whatever you might want to call discrimination — it is still discrimination. Those tools are more or less, a convenience excuse to bypass spending the time and effort on getting to know someone (or yourself) on a more intimate individual level than it is accurate. More often now, it seems like most people is going by some books or some kind of “study” by “experts” popularized by media to analysis, categorize, judge, and tag others by. Newly studied “personality” or disorder seem to spring up overnight as trend to capture our attention. To causes fear and to give us a more “acceptable” way to view things that suits our way of thinking.

For example: Parents are now spending more time stressing out over almost every individual/unique characteristic that their child express. Because they are taught this fear that their child might be “lacking”. Lacking the ability to be “normal”, lacking the ability to be “successful” in their environment, because they are “behind” in the “different stages of development”. The scare that their child is developing some kind of “disorder” and does not have the ability to succeed like other children. Have causes waves of preventative and precaution to be taken.

This kind of preventative mentality, though good to have so we are more aware. But if not educated with real insight and intuitive experiences instead of disassociated clinical studies. The preventative measures will hinger and disempower the child from flourishing into the best unique individuals they can be. The world needs all type of diversity. Humanity needs differences to evolve, grow, and prosper. We are dimensional beings that needs to be simulated on different levels in all directions. Need to be accepted from all angles and all directions. This acceptance will be hard to give and achieve if we are taught to fear differences and uniqueness.

Not all children should be pushed into neat little boxes that are easy to understand and accept. The real leaders of the worlds are people who lives outside the box or grow too big to be kept in a box. Therefore, it is not “bad” to want to know if your child; or the people in your life is dealing with some mental challenges so you can help them. But sometimes our good intention could be detriment to those we love. Because we do not realize our intention and actions can limit and restrict the people we love from their own individuality.

We do it with “good” intention “for” them — but mostly for ourselves than for them. Because it is we who do not understand them, we who do not accept them as they are, and we who needs an immediate explanations and answers to what worry or scares us. Because we want to help, because we “love” and “care” — we sometimes allow ourselves to use those reasons as excuses to get what we want. Or have things done our ways — or done a certain way we are used to, comfortable with, or expected it to be. We validate our own actions with having “good” intention even though we are overstepping the individual’s boundaries.

Hence, instead of always on the “lookout” to diagnose other to our conveniences. To “fit” them into our certain way of thinking. We should be mindful and aware of our own intention for doing what we do. Because we believe our children are our responsibilities and possession. Because they cannot speak back and have yet the ability to communicate their needs. We decide a lot of things for them with “good” intention in mind to do what we do. Because of our experiences we believe we know best. Sometimes the thought that we might not know best does not even cross our mind.

Hence, our child’s growth or individualism can be greatly hinder when we ourselves do not know when we go too far in our taken preventative measures. I know sometimes we worry only because we care — so much about their future “success”. But we cannot let “future” possibilities of “success” as we perceive it — fail their potential and ability to be a true successful individual who is strong enough to deal with the real challenges of their life. The world is always changing. Always growing, developing, and evolving. What we perceive now as “future success” might not be the reality our child will grow into. Yet, we could be stopping them now from developing the skills they need by being “too helpful/too caring”.


With all the early childhood fears popularized; all the fears of failures that is hyped. We are being templated now — and passing that templated way of thinking onto the future generation without realizing what we are doing. Being taught to discriminate against our child now, by constantly looking at them with critical analytical eyes to find possibilities of “disorder/challenges”. So, that we can put in preventative measure to “help” them. When what they needed instead is our complete love and acceptance as they are.

Our fear will unconsciously be communicated to them. It will influence our actions and reactions to them. Being an intuitive entity who just freshly came from that realm into this world, they will naturally sense it. They will learn from our reactions and subtle hints; to disable their abilities to overcome and accept nature challenges because of how we templated them to feel about their differences. We templated them to feel they cannot error, cannot have flaws, and must be like other “good” children. Like the image we expect them to be in our heads.


Our eternal soul came to life to be human. So, we can have flaws, so we can error, and grow out of it to learn to be stronger individual to be source’s companion. Therefore, we are blessed with differences to help us evolve as a specie. Differences are gifts to diversitize us and help us adapt, recognize “problems area”, and grow. The real true leaders of humanity development are unique individuals that are often forgotten and hidden.

They are hidden away from the light that want to shine brightly to capture all our attention. Because the light can be detriment to their role and purpose. Hence, they are born hidden away or in conditions that prevent them from being affected by illusionary hypes. It is to protect them from unaware people actions and reactions; who can affects their journey to fulfill what they are here to do.

For example, seriously think about it. The world has changed so much but have also settled — and relied so much on old-outdated templates to base a “better” future on. Because of those old templates and systems — our present is falling apart. So, how can a better future be manifest from it? Can you imagine one of the ascended masters becoming back to a world taught by their parents that their uniqueness is either a “disorder” or too overly hyped?

With some population of humanity recessing due to those outdate template that gives them power. Power that they do not know how to accommodate and use it for what it is meant for. Can you imagine an ascended master such as Jesus — coming back being influences and living under the whims and power of ignorant people to guide, teach, protect, and influences him? People who could also suppress him from being an individual, from being the THE leader we would need.

Let us be honest, we have a lot of messed up people in this world who are in position that entitled them to be automatically “respected”. But that does not mean that they themselves deserve or is respectable. Those are the people that old template gives power to, that have the greatest say. That will have first access to being an influencer — a controller of someone “special” like Jesus now a day. If not them, then the opportunists and visionaries who are too blinded by exploration to consider the consequences of their believes and actions.


Hence, I can confidently say unless the source is truly lacking in intelligent. I very much doubt for no reason other than it being a test to us. A new “Jesus/Allah/Buddha” will be born into a highly influential religious/spiritual existing association, organizations, or environment. A place where they can easily be found, recognized, and manipulated. Even the Dali Lama, would not be born where you are “told” you will find him — he might not even be born a “He”. Who say the Dali Lama must be a man? It was old templates and old masculine energy grid that made the old Gods we worshipped mostly males. Who say “Jesus”, “Allah”, and “Buddha” will not have mirror women counter parts now that the old grid is evolved?

The world has changed. The masters who come to lead the way. To “lead” means they cannot be like everyone else. Nor restrained and restricted like everyone else. Nor like the “old” or approach things the same as those that comes before them. Today they cannot and would not come back in the same condition they had in the past. Because people intellect has evolved…so has their greed and ambition. If their position is publicized before they come into their power — and their human form is still vulnerable to this realm’s “particulars”. They will not be strong enough to shake away the influences of the disorientation of being born into this physical realm.

With the public knowing the whereabout of someone with such great power of influences over people and the development of the world. Can you imagine the struggle, the conflicts, the suffering this kind of exposure will do to a master who is still in their disoriented state? Look at most of our child celebrities and what they go through? What kind of physical life would any of those masters have now a day?

Constantly being bombard by media and critics who criticism what they do not yet understand. Imagine the “crazies” of the world seeking them out to try to “own”, influence, and control them — while they are vulnerable in their physical state. Imagined the profile and case studies that would be created of them by doctors who have no idea who they are seeing and dealing with. The parents who is too worried by hyped fears to see and accept their child as the unique entity they are. Or the parents who wants to exploit their child uniqueness so they can “ride” the train of fortune and fame.



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Andalasia Anon

I overheard that I was **destined** to be “Spiritual”. But no anyone ever tells me I can **BE** “Spiritual” coming into life.