ASR: B5: Chapter 4: No God Can Save Us From Our Own Ignorant

Andalasia Anon
10 min readAug 18, 2021


We follow great minds, but we lack their insights and wisdoms. The great minds like that of Albert Einstein. In my opinion, does not mean for us to narrow our perception to simply confirms to “facts” or find confirmations to what is already known. They know and respect life mysteries. They understand that it goes beyond the physical aspects of what we can confirm as facts. It also goes beyond what we define as “science”. They respect the facts and evidence they find. But they also know to honor the fact that sometimes there are things science cannot explain. Is this not why religion is still something people heavily invest their faith in?

Science can only take us so far. Before we have to accept that it has its limits, and we need to accept and adapt when necessary. We cannot limit ourselves and close our minds to something just because it has already been done by someone else — to a point that we thought is satisfactory. Or most convenience for us and get stuck at that point. Never to do our own thinking to move beyond that which is taught to us. Or done before us.

In the 21st century we take pride in building our world/society upon the base of scientific knowledge. We put our trust in facts, in finding confirmation to what we already know because we thought we are following the greats minds. We thought that just because we follow and continue to support their great results — It is enough, but it is not. We did not think about how those great minds came about the insight and information they got that lead to the actions they took, which resulted in changes.

All we saw is that it is done, not how it is done and why it is being done. The journey to the results is just as significant, if not more so sometimes than the result itself. But we often miss its lessons totally. Because we are so overwhelmed with achieving the results that we forget the destination — is the journey — not the end.

We overlook what it took for the greats minds to come to the wisdoms they conclude. Forgot that during their journey to discover what they have. They grew personally on a mental, emotional, spiritual level as well as physical level. There is a trial period that they had to go through to be able to see what we cannot see. When we forget about the trials process and decisions that needed to be made along the way, and only see result: We limits ourselves to potentially greater discoveries. As well as greater damages…we can cause in our linear determination to get from point A to point B — regardless of the consequences to the bigger picture we cannot yet see.


Finding confirmations to what we already know is easy. It is lay out and easy to find, interpreted and misinterpreted. The test is not in seeing what we want to see, but in allowing ourselves to see clearly — what we are meant to see but does not want to see.

Our selfish nature can allow its peer the ego, to seduce us easily into believing in whatever we choose to believe in. Because selfishness is only limited by our ability to create excuses to justify our reasoning. Thus, if we are clever enough to create those convincingly unlimited excuses and reasoning…any action or crime we choose to commit is “forgivable” and “justifiable”.

Selfishness and the ego are natural traits and attributes of humanity, a natural part of our existence. Thus, they can sneak up upon even the most self-aware and disciplined of us without too much alarm. Because it is natural, it circulates and grows with us through all stages of our existence. It lives as long as we do. It can lose its strength when beaten and lay dormant for a time. Thus, it is easy to think that just because we have beaten it in one battle, that it will stay down, and we will no longer have to face it again and again. We underestimate its essence in our existence. Thus, it is why we do not consciously guard against its invasion and manipulation.

It can fool us without us knowing what it is doing. Our craving to indulge because we can selfishly justify our reasons for doing so, can lead to greediness. We seek more than we need, we share extraordinarily little, even though we have so much to give. Because we feel entitled, we believe we deserve it. Why do we deserve anything? Much less, so much more than we have already been given — more than so many have? What makes us so special when there are so many out there?

It is easy to justify the reason why we can pretend not to see that homeless person on the street. Or someone asking for help when we can justify it with excuses and beliefs such as: “they get what they deserve. That it is Karma.”; “they could be dangerous”; “they’re too lazy to get a job”; or “probably is trying to take advantage”. When we can self-blind and justify with excuses to not see and do the things that we should be doing. When we think in term of only what is best for us. We can be blind to the bigger purpose we are put here for. When we allow selfish feeling of important, entitlements and thoughts to inspire and motivate our actions…we open doors for so many other natural traits to sneak in and overtake us.


It is easy to be prejudice and accept excuses for our actions when it benefits us and absolve us of our guilty conscience. Thus, one inspiring story is enough to confirm to some of us that we are righteous in believing we deserve everything that we are given. “That we worked ‘hard’ for what we got. So, all others who are struggling deserve what they got. It is not “our” fault they are just too lazy to make something of their life. Or that they do not try hard enough. Or maybe they are being punished for their sins by the Gods. Because they must have done something to deserve it. So, it is not our place to care or worry about them.

A few inspiring stories is the light of hopes for many. But it is not the reality of the many hundreds of thousands…or millions that are not born destined to stand out or to inspire. That inspiring story designed by the higher power is not to give those of us that are privileged. The convenience excuses, we can use to continue to be self-absorb and indulge in our selfishness. It is to highlight the lessons that our creator wants us to see.

The lesson being: EVERYONE has the potentials to BE more. But not everyone IS privileged to be more. Because that is not their role in the higher power’s grand lessons to humanity. If those who have lots can just learn to share with those who have very little. Can empathize and sympathize instead of judge, discriminate, and alienated. Then maybe more inspiring stories can become a daily reality; for we are all connected. All here for the same purpose: To learn and to teach one another, so that we can enrich our soul, and ascend when our time here is done.

The purpose of each life; the role of each person in this world — matters. Those stories are tests to see how well we comprehend and understand why we are here. Do we use the stories as an excuse to justify our bias reasoning, or do we clearly see the lessons it is created for? When privileged; do we see the stories as a confirmation for our misguided ego and its “wisdom”?

Or do we know that we are not “successful” because we are truly better than other people? But that we are successful and privileged: because we are given what we need. In the role we must play…to learn the lessons we are here to learn. Are we grounded and humble enough to recognize our privileges are nothing but tools…Tools given to us, so that we can be who we needed to be and do what we are here to do?


I am taught growing up that some people got the life they have because they “deserve” it. Thus, we should blindly adore, admire, and spoil them even more — by forgiving and bypassing their mistakes and obvious flaws. I am taught, templated, and influenced by those all around me to embrace this stereotypic perspective. But my abilities show me differently. Show me that what I am told and what I can “see” and instinctively know — is different.

I see a lot of selfish, greedy, and ignorant people living prosperous and thriving life full of abundances. People who hurt others unnecessarily and thoughtlessly — continue to receive material success and comfort. Yet, people who have the purest of heart and soul are continuously being hurt and taken advantages of — beaten by life repeatedly. For a time, I believed what I am taught, shown, and experienced in this physical realm. But it felt so wrong, yet I cannot put my fingers on why.

Until one day a “dream” clarified it for me. In the “dream” I am repeatedly hunted by a loved one. Hunted, trapped, and murdered…repeatedly. I did not understand why, even when I have given up everything that they wanted from me to them — it is not enough. They seek to erase me, and only my death would satisfy their greed, jealousy, and desire. After that “dream” for years, before I “remembered” who I am. I could not understand why someone like this would still follow me into this life path. In this timeline they are given everything, and I nothing — yet it is not enough.

This really confused me. How someone can be this “hungry” for what others have. Even when it is obvious, they have so much more. But it is not enough. Then one day, many years later, while sitting around the table talking to the person and a few others…I had an epiphany. I felt and saw physical “evil” for the first time. It is not dark and ugly like the monsters depicted in our fantasies. It looks beautiful, angelic, and sounds charismatic.

For someone who is used to seeing and fighting “monsters,” both of this world and the world beyond — almost fearlessly, since she is a child. I do not use label or word such as “evil” lightly. But the magnitude of such greed and the purity of such ignorant — can only be described as “evil”. It is the first time in my life I felt “chilled to the bones.” First time, I felt truly afraid of anything and anyone in this world or the world beyond.

It is with that realization that I finally understand why my life is the way it is…why the person must have the life they have. Because of that epiphany. I finally, understand the reason behind the falsity I am taught and can “see”. Therefore, I was able to change my actions and reactions. Change and contain the endless bleeding of my wounds. Stop allowing the pain to continue to cause damages to both myself — and the other person…and all the people in our lives. The realization that they were given what they needed…so they can be who they are in this life. That they needed it, not a superficial concept of “deserving” as I am taught. It helped me break free from our Karmatic cycle and ascended pass the lessons I did not learn in my other “life”.


Because of the clarification from this “dream” and the epiphany from that moment of clarity. I also learned to appreciate, the higher power for the life I am given and the things I lack…instead of forever looking to others and see “injustice”. I learned to see we are both completely loved, but the other person just needs to be shown in a different way. I am not loved any less just because in thislife”, I am not given as much superficial “things” as I did in my other “life”. I do not need all those things that made me a target in my other “life”. Hence, I have freely given them up to the person to try to save them from themselves — and save me…from being drawn into a cycle of endless Karma with this person.

But it is not enough — just for me to give up what I do not need. Because that — is not the roots of the problem. I am shown that I am saved and protected by The Source — repeatedly. However, no God can save me from my own ignorant. No matter how many miracles were performed, it is not enough. I still did not understand the “evil” that seek me. I reacted the same, so they reacted the same. So, in thislife”, Source took away the factors that made me a target…and gave me all I needed to save myself — and the other person. The gifts I am given may seem like “punishment” on the surface, because of the harsh lessons and circumstances that makes up my life. If seen with only surface “wisdom”, the circumstances of my life are something I do not “deserve.” But it is what I needed.

My gifts and my experiences in this realm allowed me to finally break the cycle. In my other “lives.” I inquired great wounds and suffered much…because I lack the experiences I need to recognize “real” darkness and the real “evil” of the human heart and soul. I lack the experiences to better approach, resolve, and elevate such darkness from the only path it knows.

So, in this life path, knowing what I did, allowed me to change. Allow me to stop hurting. Hence, allowed the other person and all the people within our path to not be affected. In my opinions, I think this knowledge is why our soul seek the spiritual/religious path in hope to “awaken”. Why spirituality or religion are such big parts of our development as a race…and still significant in most of our lives today.

We know who we are here is not who we want to be or meant to be. We yearn to remember who we are…so we can learn what we needed to learn — so we can go home. To do that we must face our past, in all direction in time. To heal our wounds and be empowered enough raise from it stronger. To see the lessons, we are meant to see…not just what we are taught to see.



Andalasia Anon

I overheard that I was **destined** to be “Spiritual”. But no anyone ever tells me I can **BE** “Spiritual” coming into life.